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04.15.2016 - Alex Goff

We're into the Quarterfinals of the Varsity Cup, and the games are a little tougher to pick, with an expectation that a couple, as least, will be close.

04.09.2016 - Alex Goff

Here’s a quick rundown of the Varsity Cup games this weekend.

BYU smacked Arizona State 113-8 Saturday night to finish off the day's VC games.

03.28.2016 - Alex Goff

The month of April is around the corner and that means playoff time in college rugby, including the Varsity Cup.

03.26.2016 - Alex Goff

A 70th minute try from fullback Jake Lachina was the only try of a torrid second half as West Point defeated Navy 27-22 in the annual Army-Navy game.

The try was Lachina’s fourth of the day, as the wing scored three tries before the 15th minute.

03.25.2016 - Alex Goff

One of the great college rugby rivalry games kicks off Saturday as the US Naval Academy hosts West Point in Annapolis.

This is a clash that has often defied predictions - seemingly struggling teams can often come out and win a supposedly superior opponent. That’s because this game means more to everyone - the players, the coaches, the fans - than any other. 

03.06.2016 - Alex Goff

In a tight and fairly dramatic clash between two very old rivals, Navy edged Penn State 24-20 in a non-conference game.

02.15.2016 - Alex Goff

The four-team meeting of Life, Clemson, Air Force, and Navy finished off Sunday with Air Force and Life coming away victors.

02.13.2016 - Alex Goff

The United States Naval Academy looked impressive in the program’s opening game of 2016.

Playing in a four-game-four-team weekend in Charlotte, NC, Navy used a superior scrum and some excellent defensive pressure to beat Clemson 36-12.

11.15.2015 - Alex Goff

The US Naval Academy capped off a 5-0 fall with a 37-17 defeat of Notre Dame College Saturday.

Navy and the Falcons were tied 17-17 just after halftime, but then Navy broke away in the second half.

10.09.2015 - Alex Goff

The US Naval Academy had some work to do but managed to defeat University of Notre Dame 25-3 Friday night in South Bend, Ind.

10.02.2015 - Alex Goff

The US Naval Academy regained the Shea Cup with an impressive 28-0 shutout of Air Force Friday night at Annapolis.

10.01.2015 - Alex Goff

The first leg of the three-game Commander-in-Chief Trophy kicks off Friday evening at the US Naval Academy as Navy hosts Air Force.