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Men DII College Rankings

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09.15.2015 - Alex Goff

With one big weekend in the bag we have several changes in the GRR Men's DII College Rankings.

With #4 Furman, #6 UW-Stout, #7 Vermont, and #11 Illinois State all losing, those teams all drop down and others move up. Expect plenty more drastic changes as teams make their moves. We expect this each year as DII teams are likely to undergo player turnover that affects them more deeply.

09.08.2015 - Alex Goff

With the Men's DII College season nbow underway, and underway in earnest this coming weekend, here is the first rankings of the season from Goff Rugby Report.

12.08.2014 - Alex Goff

The finals weekend of the Men's DII college playoffs produced little in the way of surprises. Goff Rugby Report had Minnesota-Duluth at #1 all fall and they didn't disappoint, winning it all.

11.24.2014 - Alex Goff

The Goff Rugby Report Men's DII College rankings held up through most of the DII playoffs, with only a couple of instances where a lower-ranked team beat a higher-ranked team.

11.17.2014 - Alex Goff

With the play-ins for the final spots for the national playoffs done, we get a better send of the relative strengths of the various conferences. It's a small sample, to be sure, but something to go on.

This is what we found out: Cardinals is legit, even with their #2 losing to Potomac's #2, Towson was a heavy favorite and VMI (badly under-ranked last week) made them sweat.