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GRR: Men DI Rankings

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03.02.2020 - Alex Goff

Here's what happened this week in D1A rugby.

Cal lost on the road to UBC.

Navy beat Arkansas State in convincing fashion. 

Life and Lindenwood won big, but Lindenwood's opposition, Illinois, hung in there well enough to prove they deserve to be somewhere in the top 25.

Saint Mary's beat UCLA by 35, and Central Washington beat BYU by 44 (!).

02.26.2020 - Alex Goff

We don't make a lot of changes this week with the DIAA rankings. 

Fresno State, having beaten Chico State two weeks ago, didn't consolidate that victory by beating UC Santa Cruz. Instead, the Bulldogs tied the Banana Slugs. With Chico State looking solid with a win over Sac State, you could argue that we could throw out Chico State's close loss to Fresno, and move Chico higher.

02.24.2020 - Alex Goff

This week's DIA ranking decisions are difficult.

Arkansas State beat Life on February 8, and Life then beat Lindenwood on February 15. Both scores 29-22. Both games were close, but we got the feeling that the Life-Lindenwood game was just a little bit closer ... Life was in real danger of seeing Lindenwood tie that game in the final minute.

02.18.2020 - Alex Goff

Is no one going to take the mantel? Is no one going to challenge the top group?

We need someone to ... we don't know, win a game? 

OK, that's a bit unfair. The Pac West took the week off, and if Fresno State had logged another impressive result, then the Bulldogs might have been that team. 

But ... Long Beach State lost. Western Washington lost. Forida was half-idle.

02.16.2020 - Alex Goff

Well of course; the #1-ranked team loses a game, that team usually drops down.