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GRR: HS Rankings

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06.02.2015 - Alex Goff

So we're not sure how many of you have been waiting on tenterhooks for this ranking, but we can bet that one team is.

05.19.2015 - Alex Goff

So, who's #1? Did Danville do enough by beating Kahuku and Granite Bay by a whisker? Or did Royal Irish, beating Penn and Granite Bay by slightly longer whiskers do the job?

05.18.2015 - Alex Goff

This week's single-school rankings have been enormously difficult. Sure the #1 team won, so Gonzaga remains #1, but very little else is set. At the bottom of the top 50, we had so many teams vying for just a little bit of a look, that we expanded to 55. We just had to. We might retract to 50 again later, but we're at 55 now.

05.13.2015 - Alex Goff

We have five major moves to discuss in the Boys HS Club Rankings.

05.12.2015 - Alex Goff

Oh, boy, so what to about the Boys single-school rankings.