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Boys HS Club Rugby Rankings Week 16

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Boys HS Club Rugby Rankings Week 16

Woodlands has had one of the toughest schedules in HS Club rugby. Griffin Hastings photo.

We tracked some strength of schedule info for school teams last week so we through we'd look at HS club strength of schedule details this week.

Now, we know this is circular reasoning. We can say a team plays a lot of ranked opponents because we've ranked those teams, often in the same league. So we're bolstering our own opinions with data based on our own opinions. But it's still somewhat illuminating, especially when the data flies in the face of the idea that's it's just based on what league you're in.

The team with the toughest schedule among the top-ranked sides is probably Aspetuck. The Connecticut side has played 10 ranked teams (and what we did here was the same as what we did with the schools, tracking the ranking at the time of the game, not the ranking now). Those 10 opponents has an average ranking (either school or club) of 11.5. All but one were Top 20 sides and five were Top 10. Next comes Granite Bay, with nine ranked opponents, but an average ranking of 19. The thing is, Granite Bay has beaten all of those teams, and Aspetuck is 8-2. United has seven ranked opponents, with six wins and a tie—average ranking 22. Woodlands has seven ranked opponents also, with an average ranking of 11 (exactly 11, no remainder). 

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Now this is where the judgment falls apart a little. Woodlands lost to West Houston when West Houston was unranked. Now we have West Houston ranked at #10. 

So if we look at the schedule based on today's rankings, we get Aspetuck (10 ranked opponents, average ranking 12.5), Granite Bay (8 and 17), Woodlands (7 and 16), and United (6 and 24).

Thus there are some changes but not so many as to change the hierarchy. Aspetuck has the toughest schedule so far, but Granite Bay's ability to win and win convincingly, along with having a schedule that is second-toughest, keeps them at #1. What if Aspetuck had lost by 3 points to St. Ignatius? Might we have put them at #1? We'd have to consider it carefully for sure.

Belmont Shore's schedule hasn't been as long, so they don't have as many ranked opponents. But they keep beating really good teams, and those teams showed they are good by being right there with Woodlands, who also played St. Thomas Aquinas and KC, who have played Valor and Bixby and Father Ryan and Penn and Denver East. So we use those connections.

We have moved Charlotte Cardinals, Danville, and Richmond up. We moved United down a little due to a less-than-convincing win over Genesis ... and the aforementioned broader horizons of Woodlands. Berks gets a boost. They've been doing very well of late. NCOS Falcons and Trumbull beat ranked teams and move in. Green Bay, the defending Wisconsin champs, won big in their opener so they move in. Still we need to see a lot more from them. The two Minnesota sides had rough weeks and we opted to put them outside the Top 50 for now.

Woodlands is #2, despite their 17-12 loss to West Houston. WH might steam at this but it's that tough schedule thing that sometimes puts aside a close result. 

Rank Prev Rank Team Notes
1 1 Granite Bay (CA) Beat Mother Lode (19)
2 3 Woodlands (TX)  
3 5 Belmont Shore (CA) Beat Thunder (9)
4 2 United (UT) Beat Genesis (25)
5 4 Tempe (AZ)  
6 6 San Diego Mustangs (CA) Beat Back Bay
7 7 Aspetuck (CT) Lost to St. Ignatius (S1)
8 8 SOC Raptors (CA) Beat OMBAC
9 9 Thunder Rugby (CA) Lost to Belmont Shore (5)
10 11 West Houston (TX)  
11 13 Boca Raton (FL) Beat Cardinal Gibbons (S8)
12 14 Royal Irish (IN) Beat HSE/Fishers (39)
13 10 SFGG (CA) Lost to De La Salle (S2)
14 16 Charlotte Cardinals (NC) Beat Wando
15 18 Berks (PA) Beat Conestoga (S20)
16 12 Vienna (VA) Beat Richmond (27)
17 15 Fort Hunt (VA) Beat West End
18 21 Danville (CA) Beat Marin (32)
19 17 Layton Christian (UT)  
20 27 Richmond Strikers (VA) Close loss to Vienna (12)
21 22 Okapi (FL) Beat Edina (50)
22 26 Pendleton (IN) Beat Chargers
23 19 Mother Lode (CA) Lost to Granite Bay (1)
24 23 San Mateo (CA) Beat Elsie Allen
25 24 SLV Rhinos (UT)  
26 25 Genesis (UT) Lost to United (2)
27 28 Raptor Rugby (TN) Beat Harlequins
28 20 Cape Fear (NC) Forfeit win
29 29 Snow Canyon (UT)  
30 30 Key Biscayne (FL)  
31 32 Marin (CA) Lost to Danville (21)
32 33 Raleigh Redhawks (NC)  
33 34 Germantown (TN)  
34 35 Eastside (WA) Beat Liberty
35 36 Charlotte Tigers (NC) Beat Phoenix Alph. (49)
36 31 Neuqua (IL) Lost to Brother Rice
37 38 Rainier Highlanders (WA) Beat Budd Bay
38 39 HSE-Fishers (IN) Lost to Royal Irish (14)
39 40 Eastside Tsunamis (OR) Beat Summit
40 41 Glen Ellyn (IL) Beat Fenwick
41 37 Clayton (NC)  
42 42 Avon (IN)  
43 Unr NCOS Falcons (CO) Beat Valor (47)
44 Unr Green Bay (WI) Beat Fox Cities
45 43 West Valley Warriors (UT)  
46 Unr Trumbull (CT) Beat Pelham (S44)
47 45 Warrior (OH)  
48 46 Bethesda Roosters (MD)  
49 48 Morris (NJ)   
50 49 Phoenix Alpharetta (GA) Lost to Charlotte Tigers (36)