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GRR: Hough

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03.06.2024 - Alex Goff

The Carolina Ruggerfest produced some girls performances of note.

And as we look toward a March and April in girls rugby some of the teams involved put their hands up. 

02.18.2024 - Alex Goff

The Hough Huskies capped off an undefeated season in North Carolina's single-school competition with a 40-10 defeat of Marvin Ridge Saturday in the league's championship game.

02.10.2024 - Alex Goff

Hough will play Marvin Ridge in next week’s North Carolina School final, providing fans with a replay of last year’s championship match.

Both teams won their semifinals Friday night via shutout.

Hough won comfortably over Sun Valley, taking the game 56-0 (officially listed as 35-0 per NCYRU rules). But when we get to knockout rugby all bets are off about winning margins.

02.02.2024 - Alex Goff

The Hough Husskies secured the #1 seed going into North Carolina's single-school Tier 1 semifinals after a comprehensive victory over Myers Park Friday night.

01.20.2024 - Alex Goff

Things remain tight atop the North Carolina school league Tier 1 after Hough won big over Sun Valley.

The league limits winning margins to 35, so, with Sun Valley having scored on Hough we're listing the official score at 40-5. As a result, Hough moves to 5-0 and is now the only undefeated team in the league.