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GRR: Fall 7s

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11.04.2022 - Alex Goff

The Castle Rock Pirates stepped up into D1 HS action in Colorado for 7s and the move paid off.

11.10.2015 - Jackie Finlan

The Grackles were the favorites heading into the Rugby Oregon girls high school 7s championship last weekend, but the reigning fall and summer 7s champion had played some close games during its undefeated season. To boot, the Grackles’ best player – Sui A’au – was absent for an official visit tot Lindenwood University.

10.29.2015 - Jackie Finlan

Doylestown’s done it again. The reigning girls high school 7s champ has added another title to the record books, going undefeated at last weekend’s state championship and defeating Downingtown 12-5 in the final.

10.27.2015 - Jackie Finlan

Although New York and New Jersey award separate 15 titles in the spring, the ranks thin in the fall as other sports contend for athletes’ attention.

09.29.2015 - Jackie Finlan

In a fall 7s league that sees many teams struggle for consistent numbers, Doylestown is 8-0 and leading the Rugby Pennsylvania Girls High School 7s league. The repeat state champion won the opening West Shore 7s over a five-team field, and then won the Valkyries' tournament last weekend to head the standings.