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03.29.2016 - Alex Goff

The nominees for the inaugural MA Sorensen Award have been named.

03.25.2016 - Amber DeFabio

Tomorrow, University of Washington (North #2), Chico State (West #2), UC Berkeley (West #3), UCSD (South #1), UCLA (South #2), Washington State (North #1), Arizona State (South #3), and UC Davis (West #1) will be competing in the Pacific Mountain Rugby Conference playoffs and a place in the national Women's DI Spring Quarterfinals.

03.25.2016 - Alex Goff

Some questions, at least, will be answered in the Mason-Dixon Women's Collegiate Conference this weekend as undefeated North Carolina takes on undefeated Virginia.

03.21.2016 - Amber DeFabio

While most college students spent their Spring Break on vacation or lounging at home, Penn State traveled to another country to experience different styles of game play outside the USA.

From March 9-12, Penn State played against three Italian teams during their Italy Tour: Monza, Valsugana, and Cogoleto. The Nittany Lions remained victorious during the entirety of their stay.

03.11.2016 - Amber DeFabio

Life has racked up a total of 383 points during their six games so far this season, averaging 64 points a game. Only 19 of those points were taken by Life's opponents.