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05.26.2021 - Alex Goff

The Men’s CRC 7s tournament has to have Lindenwood and Life as their favorites.

Both of these programs have performed very well on the national stage in 7s; Life was runner-up in the old CRC three times and the USA Rugby 7s championships once. They also won USA Rugby’s 7s championship in 2011.

05.18.2021 - Alex Goff

The May Madness 7s is set to kick off Memorial Day Weekend in New Orleans and we've got a few updates.

Broadcast and Fans

Some news is coming about broadcast really soon, but expect there to be a combination of social media live, webstreaming service, and regular TV.

05.05.2021 - Alex Goff

NCR's May Madness college 7s tournament is moving apace and has drawn plenty of interest from college teams starved for competition.

There are some interesting wrinkles to the story of this Memorial Day Weekend tournament to be held in New Orleans.

07.06.2017 - Alex Goff

The news that the CRC and Varsity Cup may well be in a breakup with NBC is not especially surprising.

Strong personalities both at the network and in United World Sports seemed ripe for a little bit of conflict, and while United World Sports may not be a scorched earth organization, it certainly doesn't carry a water hose with it, either.

03.02.2017 - Alex Goff

Here's the latest from the Men's College 7s CRC Qualifier at the Las Vegas Invitational.