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01.07.2015 - GRR Staff

Penn State, still the winningest team in the women's game.

2014 was a tumultuous year for women's colleges, but the controversies couldn't detract from some all-star performances. We honor award recipients for Women's College Team of the Year, Coach of the Year, and Player of the Year.

01.07.2015 - Jackie Finlan
01.07.2015 - Jackie Finlan
There isn’t much sugar-coating it: 2014 wasn’t a particularly fulfilling year for the U.S. women’s national teams. There were high points no doubt, but generally, the Eagles fell short of their goals. Center stage belonged to the quadrennial Women’s Rugby World Cup.
01.05.2015 - Alex Goff
When Gabe Wahl and Drew Falk graduated from the San Clemente Youth Rugby program, they wanted to keep playing, but they found there was no team at their school. No problem; they made one. “We just wanted to keep on playing, so we decided to make a
01.05.2015 - Alex Goff

Goff Rugby Report gives you our 2014 Men's College Awards.

Among the awards:

Toughest Conference

Best Game

Best 15s and 7s programs

Issue of the Year

Comeback Player

Breakout Player

And best 7s and 15s Players