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Top DIA-Level Forwards of the Fall

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Top DIA-Level Forwards of the Fall

Davenport's Dominique Bailey. Steven Zomberg photo.

Goff Rugby Report has released our list of top DIA-level forwards.

As with the list of backs released yesterday - Top DIA-Level Backs of the Fall - this is a list of players on teams that play significant 15s rugby in the fall, and are either normally in a DIA league, or are independent and are considered at that level (Navy, U. Notre Dame). In addition, Dartmouth, which plays in the DIAA Ivy League, but doesn't participate in the DIAA playoffs, has players included in this list because they play in the Varsity Cup.

The picks are made using coach recommendations, all-conference lists, and our own observations.


Goff Rugby Report Top DIA-Level Forwards Fall 2016
Player School Position
AJ Hein Air Force Prop
Allan Kaufman Kutztown Prop
Jake Glass Kutztown Prop
Jaron Beerlire Colorado State Prop
Jordan Crofts Penn State Prop
Josh Kowalczyk Wisconsin Prop
Krieg Greco Dartmouth Prop
Kyle Ciquera St. Bonaventure Prop
Luis Carpio St. Bonaventure Prop
McCord Thorley Air Force Prop
Michael Lewis Wyoming Prop
Will Burke Buffalo Prop
Zach Barnes Penn State Prop
Chris Brumley Oklahoma Prop
CJ Burke Navy Prop
Gavin Moscone Colorado Hooker
Gordon Driscoll Dartmouth Hooker
Joe Carl Air Force Hooker
Johan Van Wyk Kutztown Hooker
Peter Malcolm WJU Hooker
Ryan Moshak Army Hooker
Kuda Makuvire Arkansas State Hooker
Anton Barlow Colorado State Lock
Austin Lyons Air Force Lock
Dacoda Worth Indiana Lock
Hugh McAllister WJU Lock
Jack Bengel Ohio State Lock
Jack McLean Penn State Lock
James Hanley Air Force Lock
Mitchell Sanderson Army Lock
Nick D’Allara Iona Lock
Nick Hohlt Kutztown Lock
Sean Berry Army Lock
Struan Coleman Dartmouth Lock
Kevin Lepissier Oklahoma Lock
Zack Stratton LSU Lock
Patrick McMahon U. Notre Dame Lock
Tabo Maree Arkansas State Lock
Benji Hannam Dartmouth Flanker
Colton Kells Buffalo Flanker
Dominique Bailey Davenport Flanker
Eli Mackay Colorado Flanker
Joe Osinubi Delaware Flanker
Joe Thatcher Kutztown Flanker
John D'Allara Iona Flanker
Jon Petteruti Iona Flanker
Konisi Hosea Utah State Flanker
Malcolm May Penn State Flanker
Maninderjit Singh Buffalo Flanker
Matt Stauder Ohio State Flanker
Noah Schrader Indiana Flanker
Oliver Jenkins Colorado State Flanker
Raaqim Rispress Army Flanker
Rob Irimescu Penn State Flanker
Ryan Nedbailo Colorado State Flanker
Zach Niro Colorado Flanker
Brennan Falcon LSU Flanker
Dan Tilghman Navy Flanker
Andrew Waggoner WJU No. 8
Ben Lemon Army No. 8
Chris Burian Penn State No. 8
Hayden Aldredge Dartmouth No. 8
Josh Collins Colorado State No. 8
Marty Johnson Utah State No. 8
Nate Heister Ohio State No. 8
Todd Dupre LSU No. 8
Tom Drielein Buffalo No. 8
Tyler Graham Indiana No. 8