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Year One Done: Lyle Debriefs On LA Sevens

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Year One Done: Lyle Debriefs On LA Sevens

Madison Hughes negotiates with the French. David Barpal photo.

AEG Rugby Director Dan Lyle sat down with Goff Rugby Report to look at the LA Sevens after this hugely important event on the rugby calendar wrapped up.

The key part of this is that AEG Rugby has stated repeatedly that it wants feedback from fans, it wants criticisms from fans, and will be transparent in addressing them.

That doesn't mean they will change things because some fans ask—but they will explain why they make the decision.

See the interview here, and if you don't see it, please refresh the page or use this link.

Some highlights from this interview:

The two-day attendance of just over 31,000 (Attendance Numbers In For LA 7s) was just about what AEG and World Rugby wanted to say "yes, this is going to work."

Lyle listed several factors, including getting local support, sponsorships, corporate partners, and positive response from fans and players, that are being measured, and at first glance all of those are positive.

Feedback on parking pricing, ticket price levels, concessions, and other aspects of the fan experience will all be examined and AEG Rugby will address them; whether that means making a change or explaining why they can't make the change.

The fans were locals and the diehards. Now they need to attract the rugby fans who was on the fence, and the sports fan who doesn't know a lot about rugby but wants a good experience.

Already they have identified some logistical things to change (more gates open to make it easier to get in on Saturday morning).

The players love the venue, and the plan to have concessions of food from around the world was a huge hit.