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Attendance Numbers In For LA 7s

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Attendance Numbers In For LA 7s

David Barpal photo.

The total attendance for the 2020 LA Sevens has been announced at just over 31,000 for the weekend.

With a Day One total of 17,380 (unconfirmed, but about that), and a confirmed Day Two total of 13,877, the tournament drew 31,257 for the two days. Dan Lyle, Director of AEG Rugby, said that one of the Key Performance Indicators for the event was to average "about" 16,000 per day. They got close enough to that, Lyle said, that with attendance, sponsorship partners, broadcast and media partners, and other measurements, the weekend was a success.

With the LA Sevens set to be in Los Angeles for four years, Lyle said they had won the first quarter.

The attendance numbers announced by AEG are for non-participants. So players, staff, and officials are not counted. This is in contrast to some other events that have counted actual tournamen participants in the attendance figures. A figure somewhat north of 300 would include participants.