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Women CRC Day One

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Women CRC Day One

The scores and standings are in on Day One of the Women's CRC in Philadelphia, Pa.

We have fixed some seedings after some late score corrections (we went with the initial reports, but some scores were corrected later:) Here's what we have in terms of matchups for Saturday. Three of the four Challenge Quarterfinals (the consolation bracket) will be in Talen Energy Stadium, while the rest of the games will be played on the academy fields. 

The seedings are fairly straightforward for most of the teams, although NSCRO Selects and Princeton were tied on won-loss record and on points difference. We separated them based on points scored, but have not seen the exact tournament tiebreaker rules. 

How did we do in our predictions? We got all four pool-winners right. We didn't go out on a limb on all the second-place teams, but really were only flat-out wrong in one pool - Pool D, where we thought Ohio State would beat Kutztown.

Unofficial Seeds for the Cup (:

  1. Life
  2. Penn State
  3. Lindenwood
  4. Navy
  5. NSCRO
  6. Princeton
  7. Kutztown
  8. Michigan


Seeds for the Challenge Bracket:

  1. Ohio State
  2. Notre Dame
  3. Boston University
  4. Delaware
  5. Bloomsburg
  6. Arizona
  7. Temple
  8. Rutgers


So that would make Saturday's quarterfinal matchups as follows:

9:00 AM Stadium Challenge QF Ohio State v Rutgers
9:20 AM Stadium Challenge QF Notre Dame v Temple
9:40 AM Stadium Challenge QF Boston University v Arizona
11:20 AM Field 2 Challenge QF Delaware v Bloomsburg
11:40 AM Field 2 Cup QF Navy v NSCRO Select
2:20 PM Field 1 Cup QF Life v Michigan
2:40 PM Field 1 Cup QF Penn State v Kutztown
3:00 PM Field 1 Cup QF Lindenwood v Princeton