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USA Club 7s Men's Silver Cup Rosters So Far

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USA Club 7s Men's Silver Cup Rosters So Far

Beltway in the 2018 Club 7s Championships. Colleen McCloskey photo.

The USA Club 7s Championships will have two tiers—the Signes Cup and the Silver Cup.

Fourteen teams will compete in the Silver Cup and the rosters are below. As you can see, not all of the rosters are finalized but most are. What is interesting is how this has become a place where the 2nd squad of some deeper clubs can compete. Second squads have been in the National Championships before, but going forward the Silver Cup might be incentive for many of those second-squad players to keep at it through the summer, because they have something to play for. 

Beltway Elite should be a strong team; they have been in the national championships before. OMBAC has also, winning it all six times. However, OMBAC hasn't won since 2006 and hasn't made a final since 2007. They didn't make the tournament the last time it was played, in 2019. One team that did make was Belmont Shore ... actually two teams. Two BS teams played in 2019, finishing 10th and 11th, respectively, so the Belmont Shore II team listed below, if they rustle up some more players (which they will) should do well.

There's a heavy West Coast look in this bracket with eight Pacific Coast teams in action.  


USA Men's Silver Cup Club 7s Rosters So Far
Belmont Shore Rugby II  Oscar Bashaw
  Russell Pitts
  Blake Rowerdink
  Anthony Simeone
Beltway Elite  Tyler Barberi
  Joshua Bond
  Blake Carroll
  Luc Desroches
  Grayson Haynes
  David Hightower
  Joanel Joseph
  Jacob Powers
  Jake Soriano
  Nathan Tadesse
  Andre van der Merwe
  Quinn Western
Chuckanut Bay Geoducks  William Lucero
  Parmvir Rai
  Aaron Robertson
  Andy Ros
  Carlos Sianez
  Brahm van Woerden
  Simon Dodd
  Nathan Mathis
  Raven Borsey
  Joey Malloy
  Kyle Peter
  Terrell Nelson
  Elijah Ashmann
Dallas Rugby II  Josh Brewer
  Javier Davila-Lopez
  Gus Dellinger
  Maxime Delprat
  Thomas Hever
  Nathan Jones
  Josh Lowe
  Darrien Pipkins
  Emmanuel Soto
  Richard Stevens
  Christian Tanner
  Wyatt Trujillo
Detroit Tradesmen  Conrad Bontrager
  Trevor Broyles
  Seth Burton
  Hans-Ludovic Dessureault
  Todd Else
  Imad Harajly
  Aaron Hodgkinson
  Patrick Khalaf
  Kevin Kreger
  Mike Metz
  DJ Pinneo
  Evan Shoup
  Gavin Spisak
Grand Prairie Mavericks  Marvin Desir
  Tristen Even
  Isei Finau
  Daniel Garcia
  Mike Gieselman
  Taylor Lampe
  Nick Larsen
  Andrew Palet
  Torrence Kyron
  Bryan Ptomey
  Drew Wasikowski
Old Mission Beach Athletic  Shane Dempsey
  Ari Flink
  Nico Gilli
  Fernando Harris II
  Gregory Heath
  Mike Moore
  Paul Saccomanno
  Jordan Sandoval
  Jake Vassar
  Lolenisi Veimau
  Thomas Wennerstrum
  Anthony Munoz
  Gregory Heath
Optimus Rugby  Eugene Elliott
  Elijah Fluker
  Austin Grant
  Frederick Henry-Ajudua
  Sean Hunt
  Joseph Jackson
  Sam Ngethe
  Andre Thomas
  Nolan Tuamoheloa
Oregon Sharks  Payton Bruton
  Dominic Harris
  Alan Hopper
  Levi Jenks
  Trever Kahunahana
  Luis Mercado-Waldner
  Adrian Ogo
  Andrew Reyes
  George Smith
  Malaetasi Sofa
  Anthony Turner
  Gabriel Wai
  Ricardo Waldner
Oregon Sports Union  Sione Aisea
  Christian Bartlett
  Alex Bercovici
  Gavin Fitzhugh
  Kopelani Fuimaono
  Tysen Gray
  Aaron Jolcover
  Lopeti Aisea
  Tyler Taverniti
  Dane Barclay
  Austin Alley
Rugby HTX  Wes Anderson
  Trace Bolstad
  Will Crawford
  Andres Diaz
  Conor Mills
  John Ray
  Alec Savoy
  Max Tacket
  Andy Vasallo
Santa Monica Dolphins  Alex Alvarez
  Sean Cooper
  Ryan Gilroy
  Dylan James
  Sam Peri
  Ollie Pinfold
  Patrick Raleigh
  Joedee Reyes
  Nick Rogers
  Will Taylor
  Ricky Worsfold
Silicon Valley Rugby  Jeffrey Brunetto
  Daelan Denenberg
  Alex Domine
  Tyler Fraas
  Luis Hernandez
  Joe Kunz
  Mattia Müller
  Gavin Murray
  Calvin Nell
  Andrew Packard
  Maxime Rieuf
  Siupeli Sakalia
  Luca Tani
Westside Ronins II  Spencer Sorensen
  Garrett Mitchell
  Brandon Mooney
  Jones Naisoro
  Ala Tuliau
  Darrien Sasaki
  Eric Soto
  Jordan Jenkins
  Nephi Ledua
  Will Stowers
  Chris Gerbino
  Asipeli Leua
  Rande Gruenwald
  Ala Tuliau