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Top D1AA Players of the Fall; Lock

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Top D1AA Players of the Fall; Lock

Alex Geisert for Iowa State.

These locks have made a massive impact on their teams this fall.

As we said in the Front Row article, we may have missed some players, so do let us know if you think we screwed up. Also as we said, lock is a tough position in which to stand out, but we have found these players.

Congratulations to all who had such a strong fall, and remember we have spring-centric teams to cover in the spring, too.

Top D1AA Players of the Fall-Lock
First Name Last Name College
Dan Ahern Binghamton
Anton Schmitt Boston College
Scott Maher Iowa
Kane Zemo Iowa
Alex Geisert Iowa State
Mitchell Campbell Kansas
Sean Roppe Kansas State
Will Meckauskas Kentucky
Hayden Page Minnesota
Charlie Howard NC State
Elias Arana North Carolina
Eli Ginsburg Rice
Erik Elken South Carolina
Christian Sabella St. Joseph's
Gavin Lockwood Virginia Tech