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Top D1AA Players of the Fall; The Front Row

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Top D1AA Players of the Fall; The Front Row

Cody Luther breaks up the opposing scrum. Alex Goff photo.

Well here we are again with our top players of the fall in D1AA.

We've got about 100 players on our list so think about how many you'd expect per position: around 13 each for props, locks, flankers, centers, and wings, and around 7 each for hooker, No. 8, scrumhalf, flyhalf, and fullback. If you did the math on that using those exact numbers you'd get exactly 100. But the thing is, it's tough to find exactly that number for each position.

For example, if you're tall enough to be a lock but start leaving opponents in the dust, jump exceptionally well, and add some other out-of-position aspects, you might transition to No. 8. If you're an inside back with vision and a good step and a good boot and have a high rugby IQ, then you might be moved to flyhalf. In the end our list will have more players at flyhalf and center than is average, and we're a little below average on lock and wing.

For the front row, we're almost right there.

But there are players who put in a ton of work and provide that something extra. If you think we missed someone, and it's highly likely we did, let us know because we will amend our list if needed.

Remember also these players are from all the fall action, inside NCR and outside NCR. Teams that have the meat of their season in the winter-spring (such as Western Washington or Florida) will be in a spring list.

Let us know if we missed someone>>

Here goes (list edited with updates!):

Top D1AA Players of the Fall-Prop
First Name Last Name College Team
James Rogers Alabama
John Tansey Alabama
Skylur Mashek Arkansas
Sean Murphy Boston College
Cody Luther Bowling Green
Abdulla Elbuytari Iowa
Tyler Jurva Iowa
Conor Sexton Kansas
Jared Monnier Kentucky
Tyler Walenga Kentucky
Seth Symond Minnesota
Ibrahim Harb NC State
Hubert King Rice
Jaxon Clayton St. Joseph's
Tiernan Bentley UConn
Jeff Burns UNC Charlotte
Sinjin Ramirez UT San Antonio
Hunter Danesi Virginia Tech
Thomas Longo West Chester
Ivan Delgado Western Michigan
Top D1AA Players of the Fall-Hooker
First Name Last Name College Team
Drake Torno Sam Houston State
Angeo Eklo Louisville
Trevor Lister Kansas
Ryan Snider Iowa State
Nick Rasmussen Iowa
Aidan Crosby Alabama