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Tennessee HS Teams Look To Fall 7s

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Tennessee HS Teams Look To Fall 7s

Tennessee 7s should be back.

There will be fall 7s in Tennessee; how it looks will be the question.

According to Tennessee Rugby Association Director Al Overton, several teams in the middle and eastern part of the state have already registered with TRA. The Memphis area is still under stricter lockdowns.



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MICR Fights Hunger, Preaches Rugby During Lockdown In Memphis

As many as 10 teams are already signed up and in training, and teams are starting to look at when they can host tournaments. TRA will host a fall championship for Boys and Girls on November 21.

"It's staring to flow," said Overton.

However, things are still in flux. Teams will likely have to come up with their own schedules, and while the COVID-19 picture in Tennessee remains not as bad as it is in a large part of the rest of the country, things can change. The counties where Memphis and Nashville sit are, according to various sources including the New York Times, far and away the hardest-hit by COVID, with 1/3 of the cases and 1/3 of the deaths in the state in just those two regions. Cases in Tennessee as a while, and in Shelby and Davidson counties, are trending downward.