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Tempe Soars In Opener In Arizona

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Tempe Soars In Opener In Arizona

Tempe ran roughshod over Phoenix, and have six games on the slate before March 7.

Rugby Arizona's league season is on the horizon, but Tempe is already on the move and looking strong with numbers through their high school and youth programs.

Saturday, Tempe beat Phoenix convincingly as they look to a very busy next two weeks. Following Saturday's win, Tempe will take on three teams over next weekend, and three more teams over the following weekend. The slate includes two teams from Southern California—teams eager to find a place to play.

Bolstered by some players who have suited up for Eagle Impact Rugby Academy, such as Alani Maafu, Tao Pauga, Nate Leff, Aki Pulu, Ata Tuetope, Eli Palmer, Diego Echavarria, Ashton Liddell, and Luke Schaefer, Tempe can look to all number of athletes to perform on any game.

With their numbers strong this year, Tempe and Head Coach Bret Fullerton could make a national-level impact. They take on Glendale on Thursday, Tucson on Friday, and then South OC out of California on Saturday. It's a test that mirrors, in certain ways, how major tournaments operate. It will be interesting to see if Tempe has aspirations in that direction.