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Teams Flocking To Tropical 7s But Spots Are Still Open

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Teams Flocking To Tropical 7s But Spots Are Still Open

Gorilla Rugby at the 2019 Tropical 7s. Lisa Schlager photo.

The Tropical 7s week, which culminates in the tournament April 2-3, is looking nicely put together, but there are still spots open.

As more regions become more open to training and play, more teams are able to get themselves ready.

While teams are still registering with the being four weeks to go, the tournament is close to finalizing its brackets. Individual players who want to compete but don't have a team to play for are being connected with teams looking for additional players, with the tournament helping everyone get on the field.

Tropical 7s Targets New-Look Event In Early April

The Panther Rugby Academy has stepped up impressively, entering teams in virtually every age group. They have been very proactive in finding players and giving any player who wants a chance a place to play. Cam Wilton of the Celtic Barbarians has stated he will be bringing multiple teams, and more are doing the same.

Among the teams of node to have signed up:

High School and Youth Clubs: Alaska Rugby, Gorilla Rugby (Texas), Kahuku (Hawaii), Rebel Rugby Academy (Colorado), Panther Rugby Academy (USA South), Maui Rugby, ARPTC, Rebellion (Calif.), Badgers Select (Wisconsin), Charlotte Juniors Tigress (NC), Rogue Ridge Girls Rugby (Michigan), and Fallbrook HS (Calif.)

University/U23 Bracket: Life University, Media Rugby, Wheeling University, Hartford Harpooners, S7ormers Rugby, Seaside Sailors & Deckhands, and Clemson.

The Harpooners won the U23 bracket at the Fort Lauderdale Ruggerfest. The S7ormers are a group of mostly Florida International University players, while the Sailors & Deckhands are mostly University of Alabama.

But there are spots still available. So if you are a player looking for a team or a team looking for a place to play, go to the Tropical 7s website to find out more>>