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Slogging it Out Life Sets Up (Probable) Conference Decider

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Slogging it Out Life Sets Up (Probable) Conference Decider

Julian Roberts said his Life teammates embraced the bad weather against ASU. DocHawkPhoto.

Life University's muddy slog of a win over Arkansas State this past weekend sets up a winner-take-all scenario in Missouri Saturday.

In what will be The Rugby Network's College Game of the Week, 3-1 Life will play 3-1 Lindenwood with the winner almost certainly clinching 1st in the Mid-South. 

Mid-South 2022-23 W L T PF PA PD BT BL Pts
Lindenwood 3 1 0 112 58 54 2 0 14
Life 3 1 0 110 48 62 2 0 14
Davenport 2 2 0 50 85 -35 0 0 8
Arkansas State 0 4 0 24 105 -81 0 0 0

Technically Davenport can still chase them down, but what the Panthers would need would be a tie and for both teams to lose their final game, with Davenport winning their games, or a non bonus-point win for Lindenwood, coupled with Davenport bonus-points wins over Arkansas State and Life, plus a Lindenwood loss to Arkansas State.

It's an outside chance, to be sure, and as a result, yes, Life at Lindenwood is likely the conference decide, with a bonus-point won for either enough to make it official.

It was a tough game for Life and the going was slow by the players said they didn't let that faze them.

"From the jump the boys got stuck in and embraced the weather," said flyhalf Julian Roberts.

"We had to focus on things such as winning the contact area and playing in the right areas of the field," added Asham-eel Safordien. "We did that for the most part."

ASU led early on a penalty goal but Life put the Red Wolves under pressure after that and were just content to maul and drive closer before a penalty and maul got it over the line. 

Playing smart with the ball and using the boot and eventually a tap move with the forwards they got another try and kind of held on from there.

"Hats off to the boys," added Jared Miller. "The conditions led us to play a different type of game. We leaned into it and adapted. Now it's time to recorver and prepare for another away trip."

Hopeing for a drier track Life will be lookinh to play a little more open, of course so will Lindenwood.