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SCRC D1A, D2 Schedules Set

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SCRC D1A, D2 Schedules Set

Cassie Redden photo.

The SCRC has set its schedule for the fall of 2021, with, once again, a D1 and D2 men's collegiate conference in play.

The Men's D1AA conference will likely operate independently from any of the acronymic organizations (NCR, CRAA, ACR), but will find an end-of-fall postseason option within the CRAA framework.

As reported earlier, Clemson has joined the SCRC and while Clemson is not a school in the SEC (which is where most of the SCRC schools compete) it is a like-minded program that has a similar student body and background. That makes the conference one of six teams.


9/18 Tennessee at Kennesaw State SCRC
9/18 Georgia at South Carolina SCRC
9/18 Clemson at Alabama SCRC
9/25 Alabama at Kentucky SCRC
9/25 Clemson at Georgia SCRC
10/2 Alabama at Kennesaw State SCRC
10/2 Kentucky at Tennessee SCRC
10/9 Kennesaw State at Clemson SCRC
10/9 Kentucky at Georgia SCRC
10/16 Georgia at Alabama SCRC
10/16 Clemson at Tennessee SCRC
10/16 South Carolina at Kentucky SCRC
10/23 Kennesaw State at Georgia SCRC
10/23 Tennessee at Alabama SCRC
10/23 South Carolina at Clemson SCRC
10/30 Kennesaw State at Kentucky SCRC
10/30 Tennessee at South Carolina SCRC
11/6 South Carolina at Kennesaw State SCRC
11/6 Georgia at Tennessee SCRC
11/6 Kentucky at Clemson SCRC
11/13 Alabama at South Carolina SCRC
11/20 SCRC Playoffs     SCRC

The D2 Conference is in a stranger situation than the D1AA conference as almost all of the Men's D2 conferences in the country at playing within NCR. SCRC D2 isn't. However, SCRC D2 will also participate in the CRAA-run bowl games on December 4 in Mecklenberg, NC.

9/18 Mississippi State at Memphis SCRC
9/25 Auburn at Georgia Tech SCRC
9/25 MTSU at Ole Miss SCRC
10/2 Auburn at Memphis SCRC
10/2 Ole Miss at Mississippi State SCRC
10/9 MTSU at Mississippi State SCRC
10/16 Auburn at Ole Miss SCRC
10/16 Memphis at MTSU SCRC
10/16 Mississippi State at Georgia Tech SCRC
10/23 Georgia Tech at MTSU SCRC
10/23 Mississippi State at Auburn SCRC
10/23 Ole Miss at Memphis SCRC
10/30 Georgia Tech at Ole Miss SCRC
11/6 MTSU at Auburn SCRC
11/6 Memphis at Georgia Tech SCRC
11/13 Alabama at South Carolina SCRC
11/20 SCRC Playoffs     SCRC