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Schedule Set For Madrid 7s Take Two

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Schedule Set For Madrid 7s Take Two

Spain and USA women go up for a lineout in last week's bronze medal match. Photo Madrid 7s.

The schedule is set for the 2nd round of the Madrid 7s. 

The men's bracket has been bolstered by the addition of Chile, an experienced and dynamic side that has at times pulled off some big upsets (notably beating New Zealand in the Silicon Valley 7s a few years ago). The lineup of teams for the women's bracket is the same.

The USA men and women both finished third in the first event. Argentina took 1st over Kenya among the men, while Russia beat France for 1st among the women.

The tournament is being shown live by FloRugby, but has also been available on the Spanish Rugby Federation's YouTube Channel here>>

Here are the schedules. All times are Eastern Time.

Match Feb 27 Men's Bracket
1 5:00 AM Kenya vs Portugal
2 5:22 AM Spain vs Argentina
3 5:44 AM USA vs Chile
7 7:44 AM Portugal vs Argentina
8 8:06 AM Chile vs Spain
12 8:28 AM Kenya vs USA
13 10:28 AM Argentina vs Chile
17 10:56 AM USA vs Portugal
15 11:18 AM Spain vs Kenya
Match Feb 28      
22 4:36 AM Argentina vs USA
23 4:48 AM Portugal vs Spain
24 5:20 AM Chile vs Kenya
28 7:20 AM USA vs Spain
29 7:42 AM Argentina vs Kenya
30 8:06 AM Chile vs Portugal


Match Feb 27 Women's Bracket
4 6:06 AM Russia vs Kenya
5 6:28 AM USA vs Spain
6 6:50 AM Poland Ccld France
10 8:50 AM Spain vs Russia
12 9:12 AM Poland vs USA
15 12:24 PM Russia vs Poland
16 11:40 AM France vs Spain
17 12:02 PM USA vs Kenya
Match Feb 28      
19 3:30 AM Russia vs USA
20 3:52 AM Spain vs Poland
21 4:14 AM Kenya vs France
25 6:14 AM USA vs Spain
26 6:36 AM France vs Russia
27 6:58 AM Kenya vs Spain


Match Feb 28 Placement Games
31 10:06 AM Women 5th Seed vs Women 6th Seed
32 10:28 AM Men 5th Seed vs Men 6th Seed
33 10:50 AM Women 3rd Seed vs Women 4th Seed
34 11:12 AM Men 3rd Seed vs Men 4th Seed
35 11:34 AM Women 1st Seed vs Women 2nd Seed
36 11:56 AM Men 1st Seed vs Men 2nd Seed