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Rugby Ohio Gets Big Turnout in Fall 7s

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Rugby Ohio Gets Big Turnout in Fall 7s

Action from this past weekend's Rugby Ohio 7s. Alex Goff photo.

Rugby Ohio kicked off their fall 7s with a massive event in Vermilion, Ohio, just west of Cleveland.

Many boys and girls teams from around the state competed in what was more a chance to get on the field than a championship. In the boys side well-established teams such as St. Ignatius and St. Edward were, unsurprisingly, solid in both their varsity and JV teams. 

For the girls, several teams had their moments, with Perrysburg and Brunswick played especially well. They used thr space more successfully than some of the other teams.

Here are some scores and also a video look at the weekend. 

Girls Rugby Ohio Fall 7s Scores

Saint Joseph Academy  5(1) v 17(3) Hudson RFC 
Amherst Girls  46(8) v 5(1) Hudson RFC 
Brunswick Valkyries Girls  17(3) v 10(2) Mentor Girls 
Highland  25(5) v 12(2) Brecksville Broadview Heights 
Brunswick Valkyries  5(1) v 15(3) John Marshall High School 
Highland  36(6) v 0(0) Mentor Girls 
Hudson RFC  5(1) v 27(5) Highland 
Hudson RFC  0(0) v 32(6) Brunswick Valkyries Girls 
Perrysburg RFC  15(3) v 19(3) Toledo Penguins 
John Marshall High School  20(4) v 10(2) Mentor Girls 
Saint Joseph Academy  17(3) v 22(4) Brunswick Valkyries Girls 
Highland  15(3) v 15(3) Brunswick Valkyries 
Brunswick Valkyries Girls  0(0) v 27(5) Highland 
Perrysburg RFC  17(3) v 20(4) Brecksville Broadview Heights 
Perrysburg RFC  47(7) v 7(1) Hudson RFC 
John Marshall High School  15(3) v 19(3) Highland 
Mentor Girls  12(2) v 15(3) Highland 
Brunswick Valkyries Girls  24(5) v 0(0) Hudson RFC 
Mentor Girls  5(1) v 10(2) Amherst Girls 
Mentor Girls  20(4) v 31(5) Toledo Penguins 
Highland  22(4) v 19(3) Perrysburg RFC 
Mentor Girls  26(4) v 12(2) Saint Joseph Academy 
Perrysburg RFC  10(2) v 12(2) Brunswick Valkyries 
Highland  15(3) v 12(2) Brunswick Valkyries Girls 
Mentor Girls  0(0) v 27(5) Brecksville Broadview Heights 
Perrysburg RFC  40(6) v 5(1) Mentor Girls 
Amherst Girls  12(2) v 19(3) Brunswick Valkyries Girls 
Highland  39(7) v 7(1) Toledo Penguins