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Rugby NorCal Caps Girls Fall 7s

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Rugby NorCal Caps Girls Fall 7s

Rugby NorCal’s High School Girls Fall Sevens inaugural season concluded with championships on Saturday at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA.

After five weeks of exciting competition, 12 high school girls teams qualified for NorCal Cup and Bowl Championships.

In the Bowl Championship, Laguna Creek defeated a determined Liberty Ranch and a resilient Ponderosa in Pool A. River City downed a spirited Carondelet 2nd side and a menacing Milpitas in Pool B. In the final, Laguna Creek outpaced River City to win the Bowl.

In the Cup Championship CK McClatchy defeated a dangerous Bishop O’Dowd and a skillful Capital Christian in Pool A. Carondelet beat a speedy Saint Mary’s team and lost to a very tough Gridley side but advanced on points in Pool B. In the final, CK McClatchy defeated Carondelet to win the Cup.

Bowl Pool A     Cup Pool A  
Pondorosa 17   Bishop O'Dowd 17
Liberty Ranch 0   Capital Christian 10
Laguna Creek 32   CK McClatchy 22
Liberty Ranch 0   Bishop O'Dowd 0
Laguna Creek 36   CK McClatchy 24
Ponderosa 6   Capital Christian 5
Bowl Pool B     Cup Pool B  
River City 29   Saint Mary's 19
Carondelet 2 0   Gridley 7
River City 25   Carondelet 1 35
Milpitas 17   Saint Mary's 7
Carondelet 2 15   Carondelet 1 5
Milpitas 10   Gridley 19
Bowl 5th/6th     Cup 5th/6th  
Liberty Ranch 19   Capital Christian 19
Carondelet 2 12   Saint Mary's 12
Bowl 3rd/4th     Cup 3rd/4th  
Pondorosa 31   Bishop O'Dowd 19
Milpitas 10   Gridley 7
Bowl Championship    

Cup Championship

Laguna Creek 31   CK McClatchy 28
River City 0   Carondelet 1 7