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RMA: The Fitness Question

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RMA: The Fitness Question

RuggaMatrix America is a podcast hosted by Bruce McLane and Alex Goff.

Do you coach a team that doesn't have a dedicated Strength and Conditioning coach? Many coaches do, and they do their best, but maybe there's another option?

Do you coach a team and don't have enough time to work on fitness and strength so you expect the players to do it? Maybe there's another option.

Goonan is the Head Coach of the Indiana University men's rugby team and has also coached at Dartmouth, Spring Hill College, Wake Forest , and Boston College. As a Strength & Conditioning coach he was worked with the USA U20 men, the USA U18 boys, the USA Falcons 7s team, Austin Gilgronis, and London Scottish.

He is also Head of Athlete Performance for USA Touch Rugby.

He currently owns Universal Sports Strength & Conditioning

Instagram: @universalsportsstrength

Goonan sits down with Bruce McLane and Alex Goff to talk about ways coaches without all those varsity perks can get their players fit for rugby.

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