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RMA: The Dewilde Fields at Chuckanut

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RMA: The Dewilde Fields at Chuckanut

With full ownership the Chuckanut club was able to make changes.

In this episode of RuggaMatrix America Alex Goff speaks to Todd Vasey, Chuckanut Rugby President, to talk about what the venue means to the club, the region, and also the neighborhood in Ferndale, Wash.

The fields have been Chuckanut's home for many years, but they only leased it from the Dewilde family, who owned them. As a result, they could not effect improvements.

Now, thanks to the Dewilde family transferring ownership, the club has been able to make major changes, and plan for more.

But the key also is how the club has been a good neighbor, and it's a lesson in how rugby clubs and rugby teams throughout the United States should always have being a good neighbor as a consideration.

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