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RMA Coach Talk: Performance And Mental Management

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RMA Coach Talk: Performance And Mental Management

Lanny Bassham turned a change in his mental approach to competitive shooting into a career.

Lanny Bassham got a Silver Medal in the 1972 Olympics in competitive shooting (small bore rifle) but he knew that if he'd been more mentally disciplined and more mentally prepared, he could have won.

Finding now resources to help him fix that issue, Bassham went about creating his own approach to mental discipline. The result? A Gold Medal in 1976, and a career in which he and his team have counseled athletes, CEOs, pageant contestants, police, and the military in being mentally disciplined in high-pressure situations.

Bassham sits down with Bruce McLane, and you get to hear from the master.

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Get more information about what Lanny Bassham and Mental Management Systems do at https://mentalmanagement.com/ or contact him at lanny@mentalmanagement.com.

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