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RMA Coach Talk: Lessons from the Ice

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RMA Coach Talk: Lessons from the Ice

Pat O'Rourke, back row, second from the right, with his state championship St. Ignatius team.

There are so many parallels between ice hockey and rugby, and there are, of course, connections among all good coaches.

So we at RuggaMatrix America Coach Talk looked to garner some knowledge from Pat O'Rourke, recognized by MaxPreps as one of the best high school coaches in any sport in the USA. O'Rourke has won seven Ohio State Championships and has a career record of 540-165-22 at St. Ignatius HS in Cleveland.

He is also known for his inclusive approach to hockey, ensuring that any SIHS kid who wants to play hockey for the Wildcats gets that opportunity. A teacher of Latin at St. Ignatius and a Cleveland native, O'Rourke has much to teach us about walking the line between high performance and participation; intense dedication and having fun just playing; demanding standards and enjoying the journey.

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