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RMA: Being Smart About Conditioning With Rob Oshinskie

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RMA: Being Smart About Conditioning With Rob Oshinskie

Rob Oshinskie runs Victory Nation Sports & Fitness.

Strength and Conditioning expert Rob Oshinskie has worked with athletes from all over the spectrum. He sits down with Bruce McLane and (a little bit) Alex Goff to talk about mistakes coaches make with S&C, what works and what's a waste of time, and how you can help your athletes get stronger, fitter, and smarter.

Rob Oshinskie has trained motivated adults and athletes for over 16 years. He has B.A. in Pre-Med/Biology from Bucknell University, is certified in Strength and Conditioning Specialist from the National Strength and Conditioning Association, he is CCS Certified from the National Strength Professionals Association, is a USA Weightlifting Conditioning Coach and Sports Performance Coach, and is a member of the American Council on Exercise.

See more about Rob at or you can contact him directly at

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