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Registration Open for National School 7s

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Registration Open for National School 7s

National School 7s kickos off in October.

The National Schools 7s is open for registration.

The tournament, to be held at the Regional Athletic Complex in Salt Lake City (where they hold the NAI 7s), is set for October 7-8.

This tournament is for single-school teams. You don't actually have to be officially supported by your school, you just need a roster of 7s players who come from the same school.

This tournament is a way to grow support for the game through schools. This is especially true for rugby groups that are hoping to build a school team from what is currently a club team.

A club could conceivably field two or three teams at this National School 7s. All you need are enough players from one school. (The tournament follows USA Youth & HS's eligibility rules, which in turn follow school rules ... what this usually means is that a student ay a different school in the same school district, or a homeschooler in that district, can compete in a sport for another school if that sport isn't offered at their own school.)

The tournament will offer brackets for Varsity HS Boys (9th-12th Grade), Varsity HS Girls (9th-12th Grade), JV Boys (9th-11th Grade), and Middle School Boys (6th through 8th grade).

This year the tournament will limit each bracket to 16 teams, so there's a limit of 64 teams.

For more information email: info@nationalschools7s.com or go to: https://nationalschools7s.com/