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Ramblin' Jesters Young 7s Player of the Month - Patrick Madden

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Ramblin' Jesters Young 7s Player of the Month - Patrick Madden

Madden in action for the EIRA team at the LVI. Dan Bandoni photo.

Patrick Madden was the MVP for the Eagle Impact Rugby Academy U18 team that won the Boys Elite 7s at the Las Vegas Invitational over Taniwha of New Zealand.

A HS All American and now playing for the San Diego Aztec Warriors, Madden is a flyhalf or center who reads the game supremely well, and one who scored a try in the LVI final.

The Ramblin’ Jesters is an elite invitational sevens team in the grand tradition of the Barbarians and other compilation teams, operating out of London in the UK.  

This year they won the Rosslyn Park Floodlit 7s (beating London Irish and five-time winners Harlequins en-route to the final). The Jesters also won the Rugby Rocks Festival in London and the Copenhagen 7s in Denmark. 

In addition, the team also finished runner-up tp the German national team in the Nancy 7s tournament in France, and, on their first trip to the USA, took third place in the Serevi RugbyTown 7s in Glendale Colo., finishing 6-1, and losing only to the eventual winners, Denver.

The Ramblin’ Jesters are keen to grow their US activity and connections and create opportunities for players on both sides of the Atlantic to play rugby to an elite level.  One demonstration of this initiative was that last week the Jesters had a squad of 13 players in Glendale, of which seve were US-based college players, all under the age of 21. Those players mixed with players from overseas for a unique playing experience.

The Ramblin’ Jesters are pleased to sponsor this Goff Rugby Report USA Young Sevens Player of the Month Award.

Ramblin Jesters
Photos below - the EIRA team (Madden at far right) celebrates in Vegas. Madden over for the try. Allison Bradfield photos.
Allison Bradfield photo.
Allison Bradfield photo.

Madden has usually been a flyhalf, but with the Aztecs he has been moved to inside center to partner with Ryan James. 

“I am definitely more of a second playmaker,” Madden told Goff Rugby Report. “It’s great to work with someone with the speed that Ryan has. I am not the biggest guy but growing up I played hooker until I got a little taller. As a fullback I have learned to make open-field tackles, and so I like the contact and make the tackles.”

But all of that experience has made him an exceptional 7s player.

“I may not be the guys who makes the huge hit, but I like to get back on my feet quickly, so I make the tackle, get up and try to poach,” he explained. “In 7s, especially with the team we had in Vegas, I could try to do that. When I was back in the sweeper role, the defense was there and I could depend on the guys to make his tackle. I just had to get the one or two guys who squeaked through. But it was a fun team to be on.”

Madden said that the difference between this year’s EIRA team and last year’s HS All American team was that this year the team came together quickly.

“The chemistry on this team - you could see it in everyone’s eyes - just was a little bit better and everyone was just so switched on,” he said. “We got a tough game against Cobra, and then going against DMV our defense really had to work hard against them in the semis.”

In that tournament, the time between the semis and the final was really long. There could be a risk of the players losing their momentum, but the coaches took the players back to their hotel. They got some food, and rested up.

“We hardly talked about the game at all,” said Madden. “But we came out with that swagger. I always told the guys that as long as you’re playing with a chip on your shoulder and a smile on your face, you’re going to have fun. Everyone was like that. Everyone was a fighter on that team. They scored the first try on us but we knew with the speed we had we could beat them in the corners and it came out well.”

Madden says he loves 7s and he loves 15s 

“Being one of the smaller guys on the field, coaches say I need to use my leadership and my communication,” he said. “Sometimes I need to beat guys with my rugby knowledge rather than being the fastest guy or the biggest guy. From sweeper I get the best seat in the house to pick my line and use my game sense.”

Madden said he wanted to pursue a career in the communications field, and he is certainly a quick thinker and a smart rugby player. 

“I like to talk, I like to be out in front like that,” he said.

Well maybe he should be.

Patrick Madden is our Ramblin’ Jesters Young 7s Player of the Month.



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