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Pre-Playoff Put-up Time in D1A and D1AA

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Pre-Playoff Put-up Time in D1A and D1AA

Saint Mary's has a big test this week. Photo Jeff Dalton.

While there are some D1A games next week, the games this week are the final salvo before the playoff seedings come out.

At present, if you look at GRR's rankings, we have this in the East:

Mount St. Mary's at Life
Mary Washington at Navy
Arkansas State at Lindenwood
Davenport at Army

and this in the West:
Grand Canyon at Saint Mary's
Cal Poly at Central Washington
Arizona at BYU
UCLA at Cal

However ... Cal plays at Saint Mary's, a game that could move the Gaels to the overall #1, or could completely shift everything around. Is CWU still in with a chance? Yes. Life? They play BYU, so a win against them will go a long way to keeping #1. Navy? yes they could be back.

The seedings in the East or West 6-7-8 realm are all up in the air. UCLA vs Cal Poly and Arizona vs Army both have a huge influence on those games.

Not to ignore D1AA—we crown a California North champion this weekend. Western Washington gets a crucial pre-playoff test at Trinity Western, seeing as Boise State weren't able to play them in a game WWU really needed. And it's a massive test in Florida for St. Thomas as they face Florida State.

Check back for scores: 

D1A Games
Date Away   Home Conf. Refs
3/22 McKendree 12-44 Lindenwood Midwest Gray Montrose
3/23 UCLA 32-51 Cal Poly California Mike Lawrenson
3/23 Cal 31-38 Saint Mary's California Amelia Luciano
3/23 San Diego State Ccld GCU Independent  
3/23 Adrian 22-39 Lindenwood Midwest Gray Montrose
3/23 Army 17-23 Arizona PAC Jacob Gonzalez
3/23 Life 30-15 BYU Rocky Mountain Jarrod Ford
3/23 Guelph (Can.) 14-33 Mary Washington Non-Conf. Diego Villalobos
3/23 Mount St. Mary's 35-0 Kutztown Non-Conf.  
3/23 Penn State 12-37 Navy Rugby East Joshua Musonero
3/23 Texas A&M at North Texas Red River Brandon Castro
3/24 Seattle Rugby Club at Central Washington Independent Austin Reed
D1AA Games
Date Away   Home Conf.  
3/23 WWU 17-0 Trinity Western Non-Conf.  
3/23 South Florida at Florida Int. Florida D1AA  
3/23 St. Thomas 31-21 Florida State Florida D1AA  
3/23 Florida 17-15 Florida Atl. Florida D1AA  
3/23 American River 33-24 San Jose State Calif. D1AA N Final