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Northeast All-Stars Convene in MA

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Northeast All-Stars Convene in MA

Samantha Dickie (with ball) and Casey Dion will be Massachusetts teammates this weekend. (Photo courtesy Telegram/Paul Kapteyn)

The girls Northeast Regional Cup Tournament brings Connecticut, Massachusetts, and a combination squad of Vermont and New York’s Capital District players to Amherst, Mass., this weekend. Here’s a look at the three select sides that will be vying for the all-star trophy.

Massachusetts is led by Algonquin coach Laurie Bourdon, who has helped her hometown club to five consecutive state championships. Bourdon’s daughter – Maggie – was Algonquin’s leading point-scorer this season, and the senior will be making her last appearance as a Massachusetts all-star.

“Maggie loves to run and doesn't stop pumping her legs, breaking many tackles and gaining extra ground and space,” coach Bourdon said of the outside center. “She also is our kicker.”

Maggie was named to the All Tournament Team last year, as was senior Molly Plante of Lincoln Sudbury. Coach described the fullback as “a great tackler and intense competitor with a quick burst and support.”

Junior Rachel White, also of Algonquin, is the one to watch in the forwards.

“Rachel has made the switch from flanker to hooker and is an impact player,” Bourdon said. “Her throws are impressive and when she plays hooker, she is out in the field in support both offensively and defensively.”

The host state is putting forth a fairly young team, with some truly new players making the trip to Amherst this year. Leading the newcomers is Michelle Comma.

“Michelle is a strong prop with a crazy desire to run, and it usually takes 2-3 players to bring her down,” Bourdon beamed. “Yes, she is a big girl. We are teaching her options, ball control, and well … the game in general, but with coaching, experience, and improved fitness she will be someone to watch in the years ahead.”

But what the team lacks in experience, it makes up in enthusiasm.

“Select side always is an extra challenge in that we compete with high school players' graduations, work and family commitments, and are not always able to recruit the most experienced,” Bourdon said. “But we certainly recruit the most enthusiastic and dedicated and those players who want to learn and get better.”

Connecticut is coming to Massachusetts well staffed. There are only three teams actively competing in the state, and they all play select side ball. Each of the three teams’ coaches are on staff as well.

The majority of the players come from state champion Cheshire (14), while Southington contributed 10 players, and Simsbury three. The benefit here is that all of the players and coaches are familiar with each other, which quells some of the chemistry issues that arise at all-star events.

Vermont and New York’s Capital District have come together, and they’re led by Norwich alum and former All American Joya Clark. She’s getting help from Vermont state champion Rutland coach Nick McCardle. The first name that jumps off of the roster is Sheila Decker, who returned from the National All Star Competition earlier this month. Essex’s Avery MacGillivray was the state championship MVP, even though the flyhalf’s team lost in the final.

Below are the three state all-star teams; for the full list, click here.

Vermont/Capital District
Coaches: Nick McCardle, Joya Clark Coaches: Mike Hale, Dennis Horrigan, Nick Vargas
McKenzie Apjohn (Rutland) Forwards
Kate Babson (Saratoga) Selena Casiano (Southington)
Doireann Chesbrough (South Burlington) Samantha Cocchiola (Southington)
Anna Corliss (Adirondack) Kaitlyn Demaio (Southington)
Holly Dahlgren (Essex) Kelli Doheny (Cheshire)
Scotti Day (Essex) Kacie Gagner (Cheshire)
Sheila Decker (Adirondack) Daria Gagnon (Southington)
Natalie Hall (South Burlington) Melissa Hackerman (Cheshire)
Justina Hewitt (Adirondack) Hannah Hale (Cheshire)
Alex Hill (Adirondack) Sophie Hale (Cheshire)
Raichle Johnson (Rutland) Nicole Lopes (Cheshire)
Aimee Kasongo (South Burlington) Chaya McDonald (Cheshire)
Kasey Kosier (Rensselear) Brenna Moss (Southington)
Shania Lincoln (Adirondack) Adaobi Okoro (Cheshire)
Alyssa Lindeman (Rensselear) Ellen Ransley (Simsbury)
Avery MacGillivray (Essex) Alexis Stohmal (Southington)
Nicole McCardle (Rutland) Backs
Hollie Parks (Essex) Caisi Hecht (Simsbury)
Shannon Poulin (Essex) Allison Pappa (Simsbury)
Allycia Woodruff (Adirondack) Hannah Demaio (Southington)
  Kathryn Falcetti (Southington)
  Sarah Parzych (Southington)
  Allie Rinaldi (Southington)
  Kaylee Hale (Cheshire)
  Camryn Chester (Cheshire)
  Jaekwona Newton (Cheshire)
  Jamiya Richardson (Cheshire)
  Morgan Hernandez (Cheshire)
  Isabel Cuddy (Cheshire)


Coach: Laurie Bourdon
Freshmen Position
Sarah Kostue (Berkshire) Prop
Michelle Comma (Needham) Prop
Samantha Dickie (Algonquin) Flanker
Katelyn Duffy (Berkshire) Lock
Marta Dupont (Newton) Lock
Casey Dion (Lincoln-Sudbury) Flanker
Kaymaya Moss (Lincoln-Sudbury) Prop
Olivia Stuart (Lincoln-Sudbury) Prop
Rachel White (Algonquin) Hooker
Tiffany Ballram (Newton) Hooker
Rohen Turner (Newton) Prop
Genvieve Dechenes (Essex) Outside Center
Becca Bianchi (Newton) Scrumhalf
Zoe Duffield (Essex) Scrumhalf
Sam Goldstein (Newton) Wing
Morgan Whiton (Essex) Wing
Izabella Lidrbauch (Essex) Fullback
Margaret Allard (Newton) Flyhalf
Maggie Bourdon (Algonquin) Outside Center
Jessica Epseranze (Berkshire) Inside Center
Molly Plante (Lincoln-Sudbury) Fullback
Juliana Rodriguez (Berkshire) Inside Center