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NEWCRC Men's Schedules Ready to Go

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NEWCRC Men's Schedules Ready to Go

UVM vs Norwich from 2016.

The New England-Wide College Rugby Conference has set its schedule for the fall of 2021, with two tiers of men's competition.

Tier 1 will compete in National Collegiate Rugby's DII competition. This will be a highly competitive conference with Norwich, who made the national semifinals in 2019, UMass-Lowell, who made the national quarterfinals in 2019, and Vermont, which missed the final eight thanks to a two-point loss to eventual finalists Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Boston University, Sacred Heart, Coast Guard, Bentley, Providence College, New Hampshire, and Quinnipiac round out a league that is, top to bottom, full of teams capable of winning games at the national level. 

Men DII NEWCRC Schedule

9/25 Sacred Heart at Norwich NEWCRC
9/25 Coast Guard at BU NEWCRC
9/25 Providence at Quinnipiac NEWCRC
9/25 UMass Lowell at Bentley NEWCRC
10/2 Sacred Heart at Coast Guard NEWCRC
10/2 Norwich at Providence NEWCRC
10/2 UMass Lowell at BU NEWCRC
10/2 UVM at Bentley NEWCRC
10/2 Quinnipiac at UNH NEWCRC
10/9 Providence at Coast Guard NEWCRC
10/9 Sacred Heart at BU NEWCRC
10/9 UVM at Norwich NEWCRC
10/9 Quinnipiac at UMass Lowell NEWCRC
10/9 Bentley at UNH NEWCRC
10/16 Providence at Sacred Heart NEWCRC
10/16 BU at Norwich NEWCRC
10/16 Coast Guard at Bentley NEWCRC
10/16 UVM at Quinnipiac NEWCRC
10/16 UNH at UMass Lowell NEWCRC
10/23 Norwich at Coast Guard NEWCRC
10/23 BU at Providence NEWCRC
10/23 UNH at Sacred Heart NEWCRC
10/23 Bentley at Quinnipiac NEWCRC
10/23 UMass Lowell at UVM NEWCRC

The Tier 2 will compete in NCR's traditional small college competition. 

Men Small College NEWCRC Schedule

9/25 Springfield at Westfield NEWCRC T2
9/25 WNEU at Post NEWCRC T2
9/25 WPI at Hartford NEWCRC T2
9/25 Southern CT at St. Michael's NEWCRC T2
10/2 WPI at Southern CT NEWCRC T2
10/2 Westfield at WNEU NEWCRC T2
10/2 Post at St. Michael's NEWCRC T2
10/2 Central CT at Springfield NEWCRC T2
10/9 Hartford at Westfield NEWCRC T2
10/9 Springfield at WPI NEWCRC T2
10/9 Southern CT at Central CT NEWCRC T2
10/9 St. Michael's at WNEU NEWCRC T2
10/16 Westfield at WPI NEWCRC T2
10/16 St. Michael's at Central CT NEWCRC T2
10/16 Hartford at Springfield NEWCRC T2
10/16 Post at Southern CT NEWCRC T2
10/23 St. Michael's at Hartford NEWCRC T2
10/23 Springfield at Southern CT NEWCRC T2
10/23 Central CT at Post NEWCRC T2
10/30 Springfield at St. Michael's NEWCRC T2
10/30 Southern CT at Westfield NEWCRC T2
10/30 Hartford at Post U. NEWCRC T2
10/30 WNEU at Central CT NEWCRC T2
11/6 Westfield at Post NEWCRC T2
11/6 WNEU at Hartford NEWCRC T2
11/6 WPI at Central CT NEWCRC T2


Both leagues will enter playoffs after the regular season is done.