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New York 7s: Who Looks Good In College And HS

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New York 7s: Who Looks Good In College And HS

Watch out for the Atlantis girls and women, again. David Barpal photo.

The New York 7s is back for Thanksgiving Weekend with a long day of high-end 7s on Randall's Island in New York City.

The College and HS Brackets of the one-day tournament are, as usual, very strong. Here's a quick look:

Men's Collegiate

The NYAC Collegiates team, made up mostly of players who used to play for Pelham High School, has a solid shot, but watch out for the Tsunami Canadian Misfits, whose lineup isn't that different from the team that has looked so good at the U18 level.

Women's Collegiate

The women's college bracket is very large, and there's some serious Canadian talent in there with Sherbrooke and Dynamiques de Ste-Foy out of Quebec teams to watch. But it starts and ends with Atlantis. Over the years, the Atlantis U19 girls and now the collegiates are the teams that have come in with the best game plan, and the smartest athletes.

Chasing them is the Stars Collegiate program, which is hoping to break through and be on the Atlantis level. It's not easy.

Boys HS Premier

The Tsunami Canadian Misfits have won this before and could easily again. They have a ton of physicality, and Canadian rivals Upright Rugby is another team to watch. From the USA, the Rugby Pennsylvania team should be strong.

Girls HS Premier

This starts and ends with Atlantis. Eastern Ontario is probably solid, and so will be Rugby PA, but Atlantis has the formula.

Boys HS Club

This is a stacked group with PlayRugby, Northeast Academy, and Rugby PA being local teams to watch. Tsunami, again, is a favorite, but the team you shouldn't overlook is Greenwich HS from Connecticut. They play well together and unity might be the difference.

Girls HS Club

Atlantis again? Yes, their 2nd-tier team will be young, but athletic. Northeast Academy, and Quebec team Seminaire de Sherbrooke could push them.