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NCR Unveils Fee Structure

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NCR Unveils Fee Structure

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National Collegiate Rugby has announced its 2020-21 membership fees and planned insurance offering.

Starting on August 1, all NCR clubs, players, and coaches will register and pay directly through the NCR membership platform. Membership fees include appropriate liability and accident insurance.

NCR will offer two payment structures for our members, with one plan benefiting smaller rosters, and another designed not to penalize a program that is attracting more players to the sport.

The membership fees include General Liability and Participant Accident insurance for players, coaches, referees, and volunteers while engaged in NCR rugby activities. Under NCR’s insurance program, referees will not incur any fees.

NCR also stated that it recognizes members are supporters of USA Rugby national teams, and said: "While NCR members will not be required to pay USA Rugby membership fees to participate in NCR sanctioned events, we are exploring ways that our members can provide optional donations to these teams, as well as, the national governing body."

Coaches must also register and pay through NCR. The coaching registration fee will fund a range of services, including several new coaching educational opportunities. The coaching fee will be announced in the coming weeks.

NCR Fee Structure Option 1:
Club Fee: $160
Per-Player Fee: $65

NCR Fee Structure Option 2:
Club Fee: $1300
Per-Player Fee: $20

All of these fees cover August 1 2020 through July 31, 2021.

Option 1 is best for smaller teams. The point at which it's better to get Option 2 is when you have more than 25 members on your roster. The total cost at 25 people using Option 1 is $1,785, and the total cost using Option 2 is $1,800. At 26 the comparison flips, with Option 2 costing $1,900 and Option 1 costing $2,110.

More details on NCR's fees and insurance are here>>