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NCR Running Virtual Programs For Players, Coaches

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NCR Running Virtual Programs For Players, Coaches

NCR Coach Workshop info.

National Collegiate Rugby is kicking off its free online coaching workshop series tonight as part of its virtual fall rugby initiative.

The workshop will be run by the senior coaching staff of Rugby United New York of Major League Rugby, and will also have some other special guests. To attend, you need to be a member of NCR. Here's the link for that>>

The NCR Virtual Season, which pits clubs against each other in a variety of virtual contests, kicked off this past weekend.

This is a way for NCR to keep players and coaches involved in the game while they wait out the COVID-19 shutdowns.

In order to participate in these programs, teams need to register. There is a limited time discount on one of the options. One option is $160 per team and $65 per player. The other option is $1,300 per team and $20 per player. There is a discount on that $1,300, dropping it to $900 for teams that register before the end of September. What that means is that the higher per-team option is much more feasible for smaller-roster teams now. In fact, with a roster of 12 players you come out ahead with that discounted rate. But you've only got a week.

Learn more about the virtual season here>>

See the graphic above for information about the coaching workship.