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NA Lions Coaches Named For Busy 2019

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NA Lions Coaches Named For Busy 2019

The North American Lions elite-level HS touring 7s program has named its coaches for 2019.

The program will send a boys team to three different tournaments: the Tournoi Des Capitales in Paris, the Dubai7s (which they won in 2018), and the Rugbytown 7s in Glendale, CO. Meanwhile, a girls team will also go to Paris.

There are the coaches who will lead the teams at those tournaments:


Tournoi Des Capitales: Paris Sept 2019

U18 NA Lions Girls: Orlando Pulou (Utah), Wayne DiMarco ( Atlantis)

U16 NA Lion Boys: Coaches TBD but will come from core NAHS7s teams


Dubai7s Dec 2019

U19 NA Lions Boys: Jack Foley (Atlantis), EIRA ( Possibly Brendan Keane)


Rugbytown 7s Aug 2019

NA Lions Men: Salty Thompson ( EIRA) , Tyler Leggatt (Upright Rugby), Biddy Boyle ( Atlantis)


Mike Cressler (Utah) will be acting as manager for all three tours.

Players for the NA Lions will come from the top players within the academy programs that participate in the North America HS 7s series, and their feeder programs. For the U18 Girls and U16 boys, selections will be made from the Tropical 7s primarily to give players time to fundraise. U19 boys after the NAI7s. Rugbytown men are already being selected. 

The Tropical 7s is the first of a three-tournament series this year in the NAHS. All three events are being shown LIVE on FloRugby. (Click on links to watch or to find out how to subscribe):

Tropical 7s April 19-20

Ontario 7s July 12-13

NAI 7s Salt Lake City August 2-3