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Men DIA Rankings Week 1 2019-2020

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Men DIA Rankings Week 1 2019-2020

Ohio State vs Notre Dame. Allison Bradfield photo.

This is how GRR Editor Alex Goff is voting in the D1A rankings this week.

See the full voted-on rankings at www.d1arugby.com.

We're pretty excited about Kutztown and Clemson and Ohio State logged noticeable results.


Goff Rugby Report D1A Rankings: Week 1
Rank Team Notes
1 Life Light fall
2 Cal 7s in the fall
3 St Mary's Won't start until Winter
4 Lindenwood  
5 Navy Win over St. Bonaventure
6 Arkansas State Win over Alabama
7 Penn State  
8 Kutztown Good win over Mary Washington
9 Army Win over Dartmouth
10 St. Bonaventure Led Navy but lost in the end
11 Arizona 7s in the fall
12 BYU Won't start until Winter
13 Central Washington Won't start until Winter
14 UCLA 7s in the fall
15 Grand Canyon  
16 Davenport  
17 Iona Lost to Trinity (as did a bunch of others)
18 Notre Dame College Forfeit win over Wisconsin
19 Colorado State Beat Air Force
20 Ohio State Beat Notre Dame
21 UC Davis 7s in the fall
22 Clemson Beat Texas A&M
23 Notre Dame Lostto Ohio State
24 Indiana Beat Western Michigan
25 Utah Valley  
26 Mary Washington  
27 Texas A&M Lost to Clemson
28 Michigan State  
29 Oklahoma  
30 San Diego State 7s in the fall
31 Air Force Lost to Colorado State
32 Purdue  
33 Baylor  
34 American International College  
35 Arizona State 7s in the fall
36 Utah 7s in the fall
37 Colorado  
38 Cal Poly 7s in the fall
39 Wisconsin Forfeit loss to NDC
40 Illinois