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Men DI College Games April 8-9

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Men DI College Games April 8-9

Colleen McCloskey photo.

Playoff time and tour time means the number of domestic college rugby games drop considerably. 

But the importance ramps up. The Varsity Cup kicks off with its first round of games. We make our picks here: Varsity Cup Round 1 - Our Picks. In addition, the DIAA playoffs kind of get started.

San Diego State and Cal Poly play in the final California Conference game. It's expected that SD State will win, but if they don't, could Cal Poly make an argument to be in that DIAA playoff group? In addition, Lindenwood and Davenport will play each other in a league game and the following week are reportedly slated to play each other in the DIA playoffs. So this week's game is going to pull double-duty. (Lindenwood is giving up a home playoff game to do this.) The BYU at Colorado State game will serve the same purpose.

The DIAA spring playoffs start. We've got our preview here. DIAA Playoffs - West Bracket and here DIAA Playoffs - East Bracket. Sunday sees the semis played. The winners coming out of this weekend play each other in the spring final. The winner of that game meets Notre Dame College in the 2016-17 final. How is Notre Dame College getting ready? Well, they play GRR #8 Indiana this weekend, so they aren't exactly taking it easy.

Check back for scores.



4/8/2017 BYU #2 93-3 Colorado State #34 DIA Playoff
4/8/2017 Cal Poly #46 14-41 San Diego State #9 California Conf.
4/8/2017 Lindenwood #6 36-14 Davenport University #14 Mid-South/DIAA
4/8/2017 Dartmouth #30 29-36 Clemson #25 Varsity Cup
4/8/2017 University of Notre Dame  8-41 Army #13 Varsity Cup
4/8/2017 Penn State #10 100-7 Harvard Varsity Cup
4/8/2017 Boston College #27 14-64 Navy #18 Varsity Cup
4/8/2017 Utah Valley 40-14 UCLA #33 Varsity Cup
4/8/2017 Arkansas State #7 69-7 Oklahoma #43 Varsity Cup
4/8/2017 Indiana #8 39-10 Notre Dame College #12 Non-Conf.
4/8/2017 Grand Canyon #41 17-14 Western Washington #31 DIAA Spring QFs
4/8/2017 UC Davis #22 46-21 CSULB #47 DIAA Spring QFs
4/8/2017 Florida State #48 30-28 North Texas  DIAA Spring QFs
4/8/2017 Missouri #44 55-17 Brown DIAA Spring QFs
4/8/2017 Boise State 26-29 Oregon NCRC 
4/8/2017 Mary Washington 61-33 Old Dominion Non-Conf.
4/9/2017 Grand Canyon #41 17-26 UC Davis #22 DIAA Spring Semis
4/9/2017 Missouri #44 0-38 Florida State #48 DIAA Spring Semis
4/9/2017 Western Washington #31 31-20 CSULB #47 DIAA Consolation
4/9/2017 Brown  41-38 North Texas  DIAA Consolation