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Make Your Nomination For The MA Sorensen Award

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Make Your Nomination For The MA Sorensen Award

2017-18 winner McKenzie Hawkins along with members of the Washington Athletic Club women's 7s team. Alex Goff photo.

Fans can submit their nominations for the 2018-19 MA Sorensen Award for the top women's college rugby player in the country.

The award is given out every year by the Washington Athletic Club of Seattle, Wash., and is named after trailblazing prop and Rugby World Cup winner MA Sorense - who has graciously appeared every year to present the award.

The Sorensen Award was begun in 2016 and Hope Rogers of Penn State won it that year. Ilona Maher (Quinnipiac) won it a year later, and McKenzie Hawkins (Lindenwood) won it in 2018. All three have been capped at either 15s, 7s, or both, since winning the award.

To put in your nomination, use this form:

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