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Loyola Chicago Looking for Head Coach

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Loyola Chicago Looking for Head Coach

Loyola Chicago is a competitive D2 team looking for a Head Coach.

The Loyola University of Chicago men's rugby team is looking for a Head Coach for the 2022-23.

The team pays the head coach per match, and is looking ideally for someone to coach the team through the fall 15s season and the spring 7s season.

A competitive club in D2, Loyola holds practice twice a week for two hours each session. The team has a dedicated executive board of senior leadership and younger players working toward the future.

Loyola made the national final 16 in 2019 and this past season finished 6th in the Great Midwest in 7s.

If you are interested or have any questions, please email Club Vice President Joe Kelly jkelly18@luc.edu or President Dominic Cinfio dcinfio1@luc.edu .