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Keep An Eye on IUPUI

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Keep An Eye on IUPUI

Williams leads the way for IUPUI

IUPUI opened its season this past weekend with an impressive 35-0 defeat of Ball State, and the program is looking for some big things this year.

Joe Richards, who coached at Brownsburg HS for years, was brought in to coach, and he has some talented players from the Indiana area to help him. But much of what IUPUI is about has been eptiomized by Logan Williams. The flanker, captain, and club president has done it all to keep IUPUI rugby strong as they move from NSCRO to DII.

“As we have been working hard to get this program running on all gears for its first season as a DII team, I have quickly noticed that this young man has a work ethic second to none,” said Richards. He works nearly full time, full time student, rugby player, program president … he’s done it all, and he’s also one of our best players.”

The work ethic of Williams has helped make up for a tiny budget and growing but small following on campus. With that enthusiasm, some coaching, and an infusion of talent from top HS programs such as Penn, Royal Irish, Brownsburg, and Fishers, IUPUI could be good in a hurry.

“We also have 12 guys, freshmen, who have never played rugby before,” said Richards. “We have been fortunate to get them some game time.”

With Daniel Afasi, Williams, Will Richards, and John Rizzo showing well, IUPUI shut out Ball State and now look to Louisville and Purdue this weekend.