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The Joy of Playing Returns as GVSU Takes on Calvin

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The Joy of Playing Returns as GVSU Takes on Calvin

A smiling Grand Valley State group.

Sometimes the victory happens at kickoff.

After a series of forfeits Grand Valley State's young, inexperienced team finally got on the field and took on Calvin College.

The game was messy, imprecise, and just plain fun as Grand Valley State won 40-10. Head Coach John Mullett was just happy to play.

"I swear I don't even care that we won," said Mullett. "A great day. Game on grass, and two guys playing their first game ever, one in his second. We can build back. Today we had fun playing Calvin. And Calvin had fun too. A real good day."

Newbie Dante Knarian, who had one practice under his belt, showed some solid rugby instincts. Scrumhalf Evan Rigterink had a strong game filling in for regular starter Sean Mullett. Captain Andrew Sundstrom played both flanker and center, often at the same time, and was excellent.

With Austin Dewey doing the tough work in tight and Nick Iacavoni, normally a flanker, playing tighthead prop, GVSU started to piece things together. No. 8 Cam McGloughlin carried the offensive load with help from Josiah Perdue and Nick Robertson. Phil Iam.

"We are not nearly the best version of Grand Valley rugby, but it is an interesting challenge to piece it together and manipulate the lineup to make it work," said Mullett. "I am very excited about the attitude of my guys. They have not blinked at the difficult circumstances and injuries."

And they got on the field. For Calvin and Grand Valley, that was enough.