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HS Girls Rankings: Our First Attempt

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HS Girls Rankings: Our First Attempt

Charlotte Tigress in action. Photo Charlotte Tigress.

So we've done it; we've finally come up with a Girls HS ranking.

It has taken a while because of a variety of factors, the main one being that leagues were slow to get going, and many of them are playing 7s, or 10s, or a combination of 7s, 10,s, or 15s. How do you compare them? Do you split them up, 7s and 15s? And as you consider this and wait and wonder more and more games get played and you're chasing your tail.

Well, we think we might have caught our tail. Here is what we did:

1. Give additional credit to anyone who is playing regularly. Give more credit to 15s than 7s. The games are more similar in girls rugby than they are in boys rugby, and we felt we could at least make an attempt to compare these teams directly. If there's a team that we know historically is also good at 15s and could easily make the switch, they get a little boost. Hence Fallbrook and Summit being ranked especially high despite only playing 7s. We rank Kent in here because of those reasons also, and only those reasons because we've seen not one single result from the Evergreen State—Rugby Washington's distressing inability to post results is getting on our nerves by the way.

Wisconsin HS Girls Teams Celebrate the Game in Bruiser

Summit Wins Girls CIRA League

Our rankings of the teams in Utah and Ohio are difficult because we don't have a situation where one team beat everyone else. Everyone lost to someone else. United winning the Utah playoffs bumps them up (another rule of ours, playoffs and major championships count extra) and Brunswick tops the Ohio teams simply because we think we can dismiss their one loss as just a bad day.

So here it is:



Goff Rugby Report Girls HS Rankings 2021 #1 2021
Rank Team Notes
1 DSHA (WI) 2-0 in Midwest, beat Catholic Memorial
2 Mountain View (ID) Undefeated in Idaho
3 Tigress (NC) Undefeated across several states
4 Catholic Memorial (WI) 2-0 in Midwest, lost 7-0 to DSHA
5 Summit (CO) Won CIRA
6 Fallbrook (CA) Undefeated in SoCal 7s league
7 Doylestown (PA) Top team into PA playoffs
8 United (UT) Won playoffs in Utah after finishing 3rd
9 Monarch (CO) Close 2nd in CIRA
10 Raptors (TN) Top team in Tennessee
11 Morris (NJ) Beat Downingtown in PA
12 Majestics (UT) Top in regular season in Utah
13 Provo (UT) Close 2nd in Utah
14 Brunswick (OH) 3-1 in tight Ohio league.
15 SE Polk (IA) Undefeated in Iowa 7s
16 Los Alamitos (CA) Lost only once in SoCal, to Fallbrook
17 Land Park Harlequins (CA) Strong in NorCal so far
18 Highland (OH) Lost only to Brunswick
19 Walnut Hills (OH) Lost only to Brunswick
20 Sac PAL (CA) Strong in NorCal so far
21 Thunder (CA) Strong results in SoCal, close loss to Los Alamitos
22 Minnetonka (MN) Undefeated in Minnesota 7s
23 Moon Area (PA) Beat St. Joseph Academy
24 St. Joseph Academy (OH) Good results but not perfect in Ohio
25 West Carroll (MD) Undefeated in Mid-Atlantic league
26 DM Roosevelt (IA) 2nd in Iowa 7s
27 Lamorinda (CA) Strong in NorCal so far
28 Albert Lea (MN) Undefeated in Minnesota 7s
29 North Bay (MD) Undefeated in Mid-Atlantic league
30 Kent Crusaders (WA) We're making a guess here.