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HS Games May 16-19

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HS Games May 16-19

These scores are a bit late as you know your beloved editor was at the HS Nationals.

The Nationals themselves were excellent, despite issue revolving around weather and field usage. All but four games in the single-school bracket were decided by less than a try, and another was decided by just nine points. The club bracket wasn't quite as close but produced several surprises, including a last-play upset of #8 over #1 (seedings), and comeback wins for Danville (twice, including a last-play try), Royal Irish, and Back Bay. The team that finished 8th led the the eventual winners at halftime in the opener.

In addition, we've got three HS and one youth Rugby Pennsylvania champions crowned, a Rugby Colorado champion crowned, and two champions from Ruhby Oregon. In case you couldn't quite follow it, the Rugby Oregon club Bowl playoff was a round-robin, with the Bend Blues winning both of their games to take that.

(Major title games in bold)


5/16/2019 Wando 27-31 United BHSNC T2 QF
5/16/2019 St. Thomas Aquinas 10-44 Eastside BHSNC T2 QF
5/16/2019 Back Bay 32-17 KC Jr. Blues BHSNC C QF
5/16/2019 Granite Bay 24-25 San Diego BHSNC C QF
5/16/2019 Penn HS 33-35 East BHSNC SS QF
5/16/2019 Jesuit 41-10 Kahuku BHSNC SS QF
5/16/2019 Rocky Mtn 70-15 Snow Canyon BHSNC T2 QF
5/16/2019 Raleigh 19-28 Aspetuck BHSNC T2 QF
5/16/2019 Lamorinda 7-26 Charlotte Tigers BHSNC C QF
5/16/2019 Royal Irish 38-26 Danville BHSNC C QF
5/16/2019 Herriman 26-21 Greenwich BHSNC SS QF
5/16/2019 Gonzaga 28-25 Xavier BHSNC SS QF
5/17/2019 United 17-55 Rocky Mt. BHSNC T2 SF
5/17/2019 Eastside 38-29 Aspetuck BHSNC T2 SF
5/17/2019 Back Bay 49-17 Charlotte Tigers BHSNC C SF
5/17/2019 Royal Irish 45-18 SD Mustangs BHSNC C SF
5/17/2019 East HS 22-22 (3-4) Herriman BHSNC SS SF
5/17/2019 Jesuit 17-12 Gonzaga BHSNC SS SF
5/17/2019 Wando 43-27 Snow Canyon BHSNC T2 5th SF
5/17/2019 St. Thomas Aquinas 27-36 Raleigh BHSNC T2 5th SF
5/17/2019 KC Jr Blues 7-26 Lamorinda BHSNC C 5th SF
5/17/2019 Granite Bay 8-17 Danville BHSNC C 5th SF
5/17/2019 Penn 25-22 Greenwich BHSNC SS 5th SF
5/17/2019 Kahuku 7-34 Xavier BHSNC SS 5th SF
5/18/2019 Wando 14-19 Raleigh BHSNC T2 5th
5/18/2019 United 19-26 Aspetuck BHSNC T2 3rd
5/18/2019 Rocky Mtn 24-23 Eastside BHSNC T2 Final
5/18/2019 San Diego 0-25 Charlotte BHSNC C 3rd
5/18/2019 East 36-38 Gonzaga BHSNC SS 3rd
5/18/2019 Royal Irish 12-51 Back Bay BHSNC C Final
5/18/2019 Herriman 19-22 Jesuit BHSNC SS Final
5/18/2019 Snow Canyon 15-16 St. Thomas Aquinas BHSNC T2 7th
5/18/2019 KC Jr. Blues 24-45 Granite Bay BHSNC C 7th
5/18/2019 Greenwich 41-10 Kahuku BHSNC SS 7th
5/18/2019 Xavier 33-30 Penn BHSNC SS 5th
5/18/2019 Danville 31-24 Lamorinda BHSNC C 5th
5/18/2019 Regis Jesuit 21-14 East HS Rugby Colorado Final
5/18/2019 Prairie 20-5 Newberg Oregon SS Final
5/21/2019 Neuqua 26-12 Marist Illinois
5/18/2019 Eastside Tsunami Pink 33-22 Eastside Tsunami Black Oregon Club Final
5/18/2019 Salem 17-41 Beaverton Oregon Club 3rd
5/18/2019 Clark County 50-31 Valley Rams Oregon Club 5th
5/18/2019 three Rivers 19-34 Bend Oregon Club Bowl RR
5/18/2019 Linn Benton 5-69 Three Rivers Oregon Club Bowl RR
5/18/2019 Bend 55-0 Linn Benton Oregon Club Bowl RR
5/18/2019 Summit 40-8 Battle Ground Oregon SS 3rd
5/18/2019 Oregon City 41-31 Lincoln Oregon SS 5th
5/17/2019 Edina 45-21 Minnetonka Minnesota
5/17/2019 Southside 15-29 Eagan Minnesota
5/18/2019 Gregory the Great 18-10 Cumberland Valley Rugby PA SS Final
5/18/2019 West Shore 33-17 Berks Rugby PA Club Final
5/18/2019 Doylestown W-L Blackthorn Rugby PA Youth Final
5/18/2019 Kiski Valley W-L Coventry Rugby PA D2 Final
5/16/2019 Grand Island 12-40 Canisius Rugby NY
5/19/2019 Fordham Prep 36-19 Keio/FASNY Rugby NY
5/19/2019 Orchard Park 0-40 Kenmore Rugby NY
5/19/2019 Syracuse 8-25 Fairport Rugby NY
5/19/2019 Pelham 87-0 Bishop Loughlan Rugby NY D2 Playoffs
5/19/2019 Rye 10-8 Rockaway Rugby NY D2 Playoffs