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HS Club Rugby Rankings Week 12

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HS Club Rugby Rankings Week 12

United edges up. Daliny Jones photo.

The HS Club teams ranked in the neighborhood of 20-40 are a mixed bunch.

They often include teams in tough leagues who sometimes win, and sometimes lose. On occasion you'll see a team that loses most of the time, but competitively against strong teams. You will also see teams that win a lot against less-strong opposition. Not exactly weak opposition, just not opposition we can be sure is especially strong.

So you can have weird weeks where teams that win drop down and teams that lose close games move up. You can have results that go against the prevailing winds of the season, and big losses that are, in some ways, shrugged at because they are big losses against top-five teams. Berks is one team where we are waiting for a big win against a big opponent. 

Some shifts this week: SOC Raptors of course move ahead of Thunder with their close win over their rivals. But we want you to keep in mind that the Raptors beat Thunder last year, too, and Thunder went on to win the national championship. We have moved Tempe up because we find ourselves shrugging at Granite Bay winning by huge margins against everyone, but Tempe lost by less than a converted try, so really they deserve to stay up there. United's tie against Herriman is not a bad thing. They float up. Woodlands stays above SOC and Thunder because they beat those guys—got to love cross-border games. (PS You could easily say that SOC should be ahead of Tempe because they beat them ... we're looking at Tempe's close loss to Granite Bay as the biggest result here. At least for now.)

We will have a bit of an analysis this week on crossborder competition and teams that don't compete outside their regions, so we won't go into massive detail here.

Layton Christian beat SLV and move up. West Houston keeps moving up. Marin moves up after beating Mother Lode, but not all the way. Why? Well Marin's other results don't compare well with Mother Lode's. They lost to Jesuit, a team Mother Lode beat. They lost to SFGG by nine, a team Mother Lode lost to by three. It's possible that after their tour to Italy Marin is a better team than Mother Lode, but we need to see a bit more. Such as Mother Lode testing De La Salle next week, or Marin beating Danville the week after, or Marin challenging Granite Bay the week after that.

Cape Fear joins the Top 50 after beating Clayton, and Atlanta Youth Rugby joins after a series of good results. Eagan drops out because we haven't seen them, but they will be playing soon so it's likely they will return. 

That is why we see a few teams drop out and others move in thanks to beating a ranked team (Spalding), losing a close game to a ranked team (Brother Rice). 

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Expect some major shifts among the Florida teams now that the playoffs begin.

Rank Prev Rank Team Notes
1 1 Granite Bay (CA) Beat East Palo Alto (29)
2 4 United (UT) Tied Herriman (S3)
3 6 Tempe (AZ)  
4 2 Woodlands (TX)  
5 9 SOC Raptors (CA) Beat Thunder (3)
6 3 Thunder Rugby (CA) Lost to SOC Raptors (9)
7 7 Belmont Shore (CA) Beat Back Bay
8 10 Aspetuck (CT) Tied Staples (S5)
9 8 Royal Irish (IN)  
10 12 San Diego Mustangs (CA) Beat Snow Canyon (17)
11 11 SFGG (CA) Beat Jesuit Sacramento (S16)
12 13 Boca Raton (FL) Beat Hammerheads
13 5 Fort Hunt (VA) Lost to Xavier (S23)
14 15 Vienna (VA)  
15 21 Layton Christian (UT) Beat SLV Rhinos (14)
16 16 Mother Lode (CA) Lost to Marin (40)
17 17 Snow Canyon (UT) Lost to San Diego (12)
18 22 West Houston (TX) Beat Cy Fair
19 14 SLV Rhinos (UT) Lost to Layton Christian (21)
20 18 Charlotte Cardinals (NC) Forfeit win
21 19 Germantown (TN) Beat Spartan, Little Rock
22 20 Raleigh Redhawks (NC) Lost to Gonzaga (S4)
23 23 Genesis (UT) Beat West Valley (38)
24 24 Danville (CA)  
25 25 San Mateo (CA) Beat Bishop O'Dowd
26 28 Berks (PA) Beat Cumberland Valley (S34)
27 30 Okapi (FL) Beat Jacksonville
28 26 Charlotte Tigers (NC)  
29 27 Harlequin (TN)  
30 40 Marin (CA) Beat Mother Lode (16)
31 Unr Cape Fear (NC) Beat Clayton (39)
32 31 Hough Huskies (NC)  
33 32 Kansas City Jr. Blues (MO)  
34 33 Pendleton (IN)  
35 38 West Valley Warriors (UT) Lost close game to Genesis (23)
36 34 Eastside (WA) Lost to Owyhee (S35)
37 35 HSE-Fishers (IN)  
38 29 East Palo Alto (CA) Lost to Granite Bay (1)
39 36 Morris (NJ)  Beat Corning
40 37 Red Mountain (AZ)  
41 39 Clayton (NC) Lost to Cape Fear
42 41 Wellington (FL)  
43 42 Key Biscayne (FL) Beat Tampe
44 43 Neuqua (IL)  
45 Unr AYR (GA)  
46 45 Phoenix Alpharetta (GA)  
47 46 Elsie Allen (CA) Lost to GB 2nds
48 48 Raptor Rugby (TN) Beat TRA
49 49 Roswell Rebels (GA)  
50 47 Baltimore Poly (MD)