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HS Boys Weekend Preview - Jan 13-15

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HS Boys Weekend Preview - Jan 13-15

Danville and Mother Lode are in action at the Storer Classic. Sherrie Theriault photo.

Well that's more like it. This weekend is a busy one 

It's getting a bit more active in the Boys HS season, with games through Varsity Red (see our notes on those games here - SoCal Varsity Red - League Games for Everyone). View Park (View Park Escapes Scare) v St. John Bosco is perhaps the most compelling game in that bracket.

In the SoCal Varsity White (teams with up to 25% of their players from outside the main feeder school), Wilson HS could take a big step toward control of the LA conference with a win over 1-1 Crespi. Artesia sits at 2-1, but their game this weekend is a non-league fixture. In Orange County, Tritons are 1-0 in league play, and would love to be 2-0 after facing Dana Hills. For their part, Dana Hills have had a couple of tough non-league games, and no league games yet. Everything seems to be up in the air here.

San Diego North is a league we've looked at closely, given the emergence of Carlsbad (Carlsbad to 3-0 With Win over SP). The Thunder is favored over San Marcos this weekend, while San Pasqual (2-1) looks to rebound against Fallbrook.

We preview Louisiana's start here - - along with a short history lesson (always fun). Florida (Florida Season Starts With Festival) and Texas (Ruggapalooza Kicks Off Texas Action) kick off with preseason jamborees, while some big-name high school teams (Danville, Snow Canyon, United) are at the Storer Classic (Top Powers Meet in Storer HS Classic) - games that should do nicely to kick-start our rankings, which come next week.

Check back here for scores.


Boys HS Schedule for Jan 13-15
1/13/2017 Cathedral 37-21 Del Norte SoCal Varsity Red
1/13/2017 St. Augustine 7-21 Torrey Pines SoCal Varsity Red
1/13/2017 Redondo Union L-W Mira Costa SoCal Varsity Red
1/13/2017 Citrus Valley 16-29 Roosevelt HS SoCal Varsity Red
1/13/2017 San Marcos 3-24 Carlsbad HS SoCal Varsity White
1/13/2017 San Juan 21-5 Servite HS SoCal Varsity White
1/13/2017 Tritons Rugby 10-7 Dana Hills SoCal Varsity White
1/13/2017 Coronado 0-19 University City SoCal Varsity White
1/13/2017 Westview 29-37 La Jolla SoCal Varsity White
1/13/2017 Wilson 59-5 Crespi SoCal Varsity White
1/13/2017 Alta Vista 14-54 Great Oak - BHSB SoCal Varsity White
1/13/2017 Artesia 22-62 Los Alamitos SoCal Varsity White
1/14/2017 Poway 14-60 LCC SoCal Varsity Red
1/14/2017 View Park Prep 26-29 St. John Bosco SoCal Varsity Red
1/14/2017 Mira Mesa 42-19 Patrick Henry SoCal Varsity White
1/14/2017 High Tech High 31-41 Norsemen SoCal Varsity White
1/14/2017 Rancho Bernardo 15-19 Mission Vista SoCal Varsity White
1/14/2017 Fallbrook 17-14 San Pasqual SoCal Varsity White
1/14/2017 Granite Hills Dead Rabbits Ppd Santiago SoCal Varsity White
1/14/2017 Festival Weekend at Orlando Florida
1/14/2017 Ruggapalooza at Houston Texas
1/14/2017 Phoenix 30-26 Columbia Area MSIRL
1/14/2017 Capt. Shreve 5-27 Jesuit Louisiana
1/14/2017 Capt. Shreve 0-48 NOLA Barbarians Louisiana
1/14/2017 SFGG L-W Santa Monica Storer Classic
1/14/2017 Mother Lode 19-15 Snow Canyon Storer Classic
1/14/2017 Danville A 27-7 Rhinos Storer Classic
1/14/2017 Lamorinda 12-28 United Storer Classic
1/14/2017 Danville B 19-7 NorCal Combo Storer Classic
1/14/2017 Utah Combo v Center Parkway Harlequins Storer Classic
1/14/2017 Santa Monica L-W Mother Lode Storer Classic
1/14/2017 Snow Canyon 21-14 SFGG Storer Classic
1/14/2017 United 8-47 Danville A Storer Classic
1/14/2017 Rhinos 50-5 Danville B Storer Classic
1/14/2017 Center Parkway Harlequins L-W Lamorinda Storer Classic
1/15/2017 Rhinos 10-22 Lamorinda Storer Classic
1/15/2017 Danville B L-W Center Parkway Harlequins Storer Classic
1/15/2017 SFGG 19-22 Mother Lode Storer Classic
1/15/2017 Santa Monica L-W Danville A Storer Classic