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How Has the Summer Gone So Far?

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How Has the Summer Gone So Far?

USA U18 Boys had a particularly good summer. Ian Muir photo.

The USA Women's U23 team were beaten quite convincingly in their second game with Canada's U23s and that result is a bit of a wakeup call.

While GRR only a week ago touted this two-game series as a coming-out party for a talented group of young USA players, it turned out more to be a celebration for Canada. The USA, it seems, has work to do.

Is U23 Border Battle The Start of RWC 2025 Push?

Of course, part of the reason for these games is to find out what work you have to do. The other part is to get experience—even for the senior teams, just following a World Cup (and since the men aren't playing in the 2023 World Cup their post-RWC period has started too) have something to learn.

How has this summer gone so far? So far, it's been fairly successful for the American national teams. Overall the teams are 9-8-2, with the Men's U18s and U20s going 5-3-1 and the women's Senior, U23, and U20 teams going 4-5-1.

All that's left this summer are three senior men's test matches.

One Fun Additional Note

It's worth pointing out that the Spain U18 team that beat Eagle Impact Rugby Academy in tours in 2021 and 2022 populated the U20 team that won the World Rugby U20 Trophy this past week.Yes EIRA lost to that team, albeit with some close results in 2022, but now we see how good that Spanish team actually was ... and is.


USA National 15s Teams 2023
Date Away Score Home *=Neutral Site
3/25 USA W 20-14 Spain W  
4/1 USA W 17-50 Canada W *
6/3 USA WU23 15-15 Brazil W  
6/6 Canada MU20 21-43 USA MU20  
6/7 USA WU23 27-24 Colombia W *
6/10 Canada MU20 14-39 USA MU20  
7/4 USA WU20 28-27 Wales WU20 *
7/8 USA WU20 40-24 Canada WU20  
7/8 USA W 17-58 Australia W *
7/8 USA MU18 43-26 Belgium MU18 *
7/12 USA MU18 32-32 Canada MU18 *
7/14 USA W 17-39 NZ W *
7/15 USA MU18 22-14 Netherland MU18  
7/15 USA MU20 31-33 Uruguay MU20 *
7/20 USA MU20 13-40 Scotland MU20 *
7/25 Canada W U23 24-5 USA W U23  
7/25 USA MU20 37-38 Zimbabwe MU20 *
7/30 USA MU20 47-22 Hong Kong MU20 *
7/30 Canada W U23 55-14 USA W U23  
8/5 USA M at Romania M  
8/12 USA M at Portugal  
8/19 USA M at Georgia  
9/17 Stade Toulousain at USA M